Chris Price – “I’m gonna make it so exciting”

Chris Price – “I’m gonna make it so exciting”

Cage Warriors return to the BEC Arena in Manchester on April 15th and what a barn burner of an event it’s going to be.


Many phenomenal additions have been made to the roster this year and Manchester is set to play host to some of these exceptional warriors.


Amongst these will be Chris ‘Crazy’ Price. An undefeated professional looking to take his next step on his MMA journey under the Cage Warriors banner.


I caught up with Chris as he prepares for possibly one of the biggest nights of his career.


Chris ‘Crazy’ Price (4-0-0) is an English professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Featherweight division, representing Manchester Predators MMA Gym, Next Generation Liverpool, Combat Performance Academy Whalley. Chris has competed for World Combat Fighting Championship, Full Contact Contender, UKFC and will make his debut for Cage Warriors on April 15th for the CW 152 card in Manchester.


I’d Like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today Chris, and also to congratulate you on your upcoming inclusion to the CW 152 card.


“Thank you, I’m grateful for the interview.”


You’re very welcome mate.


I hope preparations have been going well in the build-up to your inclusion to CW’s return to Manchester?


“Yeah, everything’s been going great, just over 8 weeks out now. Training’s going great at the minute, I’m not deep into fight camp yet but the weight is coming down nicely. In sparring I’ve never felt better to be honest, all the skills are coming together, I’m feeling really prepared. I’ll have a better idea when training picks up a bit, but I’m feeling really good, full of confidence for this one.”



I’m glad to hear it man.


As an undefeated fighter, there must have been many offers on the table in regards to showcasing your skill set. Was it a full gone conclusion the monument cw came calling?


“That’s a good question. So after my last fight at UKFC 20, I did a call out in some interviews to get some management, because I was sick to death of getting messed about on regional shows. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the promoters’ faults, it’s the fighters. Either they wanna protect their records for 1, and 2nd, shit happens and people get injured, everyone has lives outside of the sport. A lot of the time you end up getting messed about and you end up against someone who’s not really an ideal opponent. I got sick of all the uncertainty of it all, so I gave a shout-out to some management and that I wanted a shot at the bigger shows. After I’d done that, I was shocked. I had so many messages from different management’s and promotions, I had a lot of options on the table. I’m not gonna go over them out of respect to Cage Warriors as I’m signed with them now, the option I took in my opinion, Cage Warriors was the best option for me.”



I couldn’t agree more, mate. As you said, security as a fighter is what you need. The security of such a big promotion like Cage Warriors is a boost, if someone drops out they have a dedicated team that will go above and beyond the call of duty to get you re-matched.


“The great thing about Cage Warriors is, it’s a well respected and high-level promotion. As you said, if my opponent pulls out 2 weeks or even a week before the fight, I’m very confident that I’ll get a good replacement, I’ll end up with a great fight so I’m happy with that.”


If anyone can do it Ian Dean can.


“That guy is a legend, he’s a proper nice guy too, I’ve got nothing but good things to say about that guy.”


With a date and more importantly an opponent set in stone, the CW fans don’t have long to wait to witness your prolific skill set at the BEC Arena. For those in attendance that might not have had the opportunity to catch you out there, what can they come to expect from you when that cage door closes?


“Another good question hahaha, just some craziness. When the fight starts I’m gonna be coming out fast, guns blazing whether it’s striking or grappling. However, now that I’m on such a big stage I’m gonna be more calculated with my approach. From me, I’d say the best thing to expect is excitement in and out of the cage. I bring a lot of things to the table that a lot of fighter’s don’t, I bring a different sort of element to it. I don’t even know what I’m gonna do half the time, in the fight I’m looking for the finish, sometimes I go for the flashier finishes, I’ll be looking for the most exciting way to end things for the crowd. Even down to the cage walk, I’m gonna make it so exciting for everyone in attendance.”


I’ve caught you out there a few times across the regional scene and I second that, it’s gonna be a crazy and very unpredictable fighter that’s witnessed in Manchester.


You are set to take on Michał ‘Denis’ Folc, a well rounded opposition who will no doubt be looking to impress on his CW debut also.


What do you make of Michal in the build-up to your scheduled collision?



“Oh, he’s a very, very tough guy. Most of the guys that come from that side of the world are very strong, and very hard minded so he’s not gonna be easy to break. Also, as you just said, he’s well-rounded. He’s got good skill on his feet, a good ground game, I think it’s a good test for me as I move on to the bigger stage. I think he’s had 11 pro fights, whereas I’ve only had 4. He’s fought some really good guys over the years, ao he should be a good test. I’m expecting it to be a fun fight to be honest m, and he’s a crazy dude. You go on his Instagram and see some of the things he puts up, he’s got a personality, in some weird way he’s similar to me. I’d love to have a drink with him afterwards, he seems like a really cool guy.”


It’s going to be crazy vs crazy out there by the sounds of it.


“Yeah, hahaha.” 


Cage Warriors trips to the BEC Arena have given the fans in Manchester some highlight reel finishes and bouts that will forever hold historic moments in CW history. No doubt April will be no exception.


Other than your inclusion on the night, are there any confirmed matchups in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“There’s gonna be loads, as I train out of a few gyms. But the main gym that I train out of is Manchester Predators under Gavin Boardman, we have one of our lads on also, Alex Bold, he’ll be making his Cage Warriors debut also. He’ll be fighting Lithuanian kickboxer Herkus Lukošiūnas, which looks like a cracking fight. I’m very excited to see Alex make a statement on the bigger stage and hopefully  have a good run in his MMA career. I’m also looking forward to the Next Generation guys bouts that night, way too many to mention. I’m looking forward to a really fun night sharing the cage with them guy, and celebrating after, hopefully we all get the w that night.”


I completely agree, the Next-Gen guys are master craftsmen in the cage.


It’s been a pleasure speaking with you again today James, I wish you all the best for your continued training and all th3 best for April pal.


“Yeah man, thank you. I’m looking forward to show the world what I’ve got in those yellow gloves hahaha”


Last but not least, do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Yeah, of course. The message for the fans is get down to the BEC Arena. I have the link on my Instagram for tickets so drop me a message and I’ll be happy to send you a link. I’d like to thank some of my team, Gavin Boardman who’s my head coach, Paul Rimmer, Ellis, Craig Mcmillan, Tony Morgan. I’m not gonna name everyone because I’ll be here all day hahaha. I’d like to thank my sponsors/Charities: BYCS Ltd, Ye State clothing, Hart Von Hern clothing, Top End Traders clothing store in Blackburn, Fighting for Autism, Twisted Fish Clothing, Active Dental in Cheshire. And a big thank you to my mum, my dad and my Girlfriend for coping with my bullshit over the years and helping me make dreams a reality, because they are becoming a reality now and I’m very thankful. Big thank you to my original coach Rob Freedman for all the support recently, and helping make a bit of money outside of fighting.”

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