Vadimas Gaizutis – “He’s in my territory now”

The return of Fightstar Championship wouldn’t be the same without Championship warriors. And Fightstar Championship 23 has no shortage of titles on the card.


GB Top Team’s Vadimas Gaizutis will defend his amateur FSC strap against Malik Basahel from AVT Leeds, a great test for each fighter to see who will reign supreme in the Flyweight division.


I caught up with Vadimas as preparations are underway for the talented Flyweights return to the Fightstar cage on March 11th.


Vadimas ‘Molotov’ Gaizutis (8-2-0) is a Russian amateur Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Flyweight division, representing Great Britain Top Team. Vadimas has competed for Rise of Champions MMA, Ambition Fight Series, Celtic Gladiator, Olympus Fight Series, Cage Warriors Academy South-East and Fightstar Championship.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to speak with me again today, Vadimas, and also to congratulate you on your upcoming title defence at Fightstar Championship 23 mate.


“Thank you man and honestly, I’ve always got time for you my friend so no need to thank me, I always have the time for you.”


That means alot man, I appreciate that.


From my many visits to GB Top Team, I see training has been going exceptionally well in the build-up to your Scheduled return to the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.


“Yeah it really has, honestly I think we have the best Flyweights in the country at GB Top Team, so training is always good. For me, being able to keep up with my training partners gives me immense confidence. I’m glad to be back, I’m glad to be back at Crystal Palace. It’s good to be back in London in my hometown, I’ll be able to bring a crowd and defend my FSC strap as it’s the only one I haven’t defended yet.”



I’m glad to see you return man, it was a disappointing time in November, as it must have been for yourself and many others on the card.


“You know Raj he doesn’t give up, he goes back at it and we’re still here, and It’s good to be back at Crystal Palace.”


100 percent man.


You have stood out as one of the most dedicated amateurs on the UK fight scene, not only rising to Championship status on 3 separate occasions, but always returning to defend the straps.


How does it feel to once again take the walk to the FSC cage, to defend the best you acquired back in 2022?



“Ooo, the most dedicated hahaha, thanks man. If I’m honest, these belts yeah they feel great to have but I’m never tripping myself up and saying I’m the man. It is amazing to have them but there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s levels above them. So I just take it one fight at a time, indk t keep them at my house. I always give them back to the gym because that’s where they belong, you know, I forgot that I even have them and go on to acquire the next one. But I appreciate it bro, I need to defend this one, it’s nice to have that kind of title where I’ve earned it. I used to look at all my training partners like Nik Bagley, before I had any belts I remember him fighting for Cage Warriors Academy and thought fuck man, I’d love to fight for a belt one day. And now I have them, it’s a confirmation of the hard work I’ve put in. But yeah man, I’m blessed and I’m looking forward to showing my coaches why I deserve to be here, and defend and bring back another belt.”


Absolutely, and I think you cut yourself a bit short, I’ve spoke to a few Flyweights and yojr name has popped up a few times. I believe your accomplishments have reached out further than you think.


“Thanks man, that means a lot. Everyone’s different, you know, some people have immense confidence and some feel anxious. I always want to prove to myself that I’m better than I think I am, that’s why I think to myself to take it 1 fight at a time. The Sabir fight was a big moment for me, my people believed in me, and I thought I had tk overcome that challenge. I felt like some people perceived me as the underdog in that fight, so it was good in that regard. I always feel like I need to be better, and I’m never happy I guess hahaha. Which is not healthy lol, but I guess it’s what makes us athletes you know.”


I completely get where you’re coming from man, in the fight game that’s an absolutely commendable attitude to have.


As previously stated, you have stood out as one of the most prolific Flyweights in the country. Highly regarded by your peers at GB Top Team, as well as many athletes. Across the UK.


Word on the MMA grapevine is that this could be your final walk to the lion’s den on your amateur journey, is there any truth to these rumours?


“Is that what people are saying hahaha. Yeah, God willing if the night goes my way, even if it doesn’t really I’m definitely looking to go pro. It’s more due to the fact that I’ve had my 10 fights and had quite a bit of experience. I’m only 20 but I’m getting older now, I just feel it’s the right time to transition and pass that threshold. To actually call myself a professional, I train like one but going pro will set it in stone for me that this is my path, at the least, it will hold me accountable. It will also be nice when you’re talking to a girl, saying yeah I’m an amateur MMA fighter is cool, but saying I’m a professional MMA fighter, that shits different. You’re like I’m a fighter and they’re like, oh yeah? Are you pro? Oh no sorry hahaha.”




“hahaha, It doesn’t sound cool, but if I go yeah I’m a professional MMA fighter that’s 0-0, fucking yeah that sounds so much better hahaha.”


Mate, you crack me up hahaha.


Is there any promotion that stands out for you as you look down the professional road?


“The great thing now, especially with UK MMA, is that we have so many options, even in Europe. I’m actually curious, I’m very excited at the potential opportunities out there. Shout-out to Cage Warriors,  they’re doing amazing things as always but there’s not just them anymore. There are other paths and places you can go, so I just kinda wanna see man hahaha, my rights can go to the highest bidder I suppose. But at the same time I’m gonna build myself up, especially at pro. I’m not looking past this fight as I said, but I’m definitely looking to build myself up. Because as soon as you leave amateur, you’re at the bottom of pro, I’m looking forward to re-building my name again at the professional level.”


You’ve picked a perfect time for it man, as you said there’s so many options out there at the moment. Ares has stood out for me, they have skyrocketed since establishing back in 2019.


“Their production is high UFC quality. I have a friend who fights for them, Jawany Scott, watching his first fight and the way they produced their show was amazing. It’s good for France as well, as France had MMA banned for so long, shout-out to ARES man, it’s great to see, they’ve got great competition over there as well. MMA has only gotten better now, I’m grateful to have been born when I was, in a time where MMA is such a big thing and still growing. I’m looking forward to rise with it, you know, and stake my name down.”


When you reach those heights, remember me man hahahaha.


“Ah man, you’ll be right there with me talking about the good old days. When it was 10pm and we were doing this interview man, 100 percent you’ll be with me.”


I look forward to it brother.


Looking forward, you are set to take on AVT Leeds standout Malik Basahel. A closely contested bout with both of you holding a similar record in the cage.


What do you make of Malik in the build-up to your scheduled collision?



“He’s a good fighter from what I’ve seen, he has an interesting style. From what I’ve seen, he likes to grapple. Obviously, I like to grapple too but I’ve not really had an opponent that’s tried to take me down or tried to keep me on the ground. I’m kind of curious to see how this fight unfolds, I am very confident, my training’s going well and I’m working really hard with my training partners man. I think I beat him everywhere, and I’m excited to see what kind of challenge he presents to me. He’s coming to London, to the hometown, he’s coming to us so we’re gonna have to show up. He’s in my territory now, it’s nice for me to be the hometown this time. I’ve fought in Manchester, I’ve fought in all these places where I’ve had to go away, now they’re coming to us. So I’m looking to defend London, Showing how South-London does it. I’m very excited for this matchup, and I respect him very well so I think it’s gonna be a great fight for the fans.”


I completely agree man, Fightstar are rolling out with bangers to kick things off.


“Yeah man like I said, Raj doesn’t mess about, I can see he’s extra motivated since the last cards cancellation. Saying that, I’m really excited seeing that Sabir is on the card, Jordan Molinari, my guy Samuel Welch and Delffy Humer. All these high-level Flyweights from across the country are gonna be on this card, and I’m really excited to see it. Obviously they’re my competition and my training partners, but they’re also my peers and I love to see my division thrive. We’re always looking at each other through our peripheral vision to see who does what. So it’s gonna be really cool to have so many of us on the same card man, this is the premier division I’m telling you, this is the sleeper division of this country. I think we have an amazing roster of Flyweights, I think people can expect some good shots from our division.”


On that note, as you said, you have a few familiar faces on the card, as well as some of your team. are there any confirmed fighter’s or bouts that you are looking forward to witnessing?


“Obviously Samuel Welch and Delffy Humer, my training partners. I think Delffy is gonna surprise a lot of people because he’s a great up-and-coming fighter, Sam is great also. Sabir’s fight I will be looking out for as well, we shared a cage with each other, it’s a very intimate thing. I wanna see how he does and I wanna see him do well, so that will be a good fight. I’ve recently seen Kashaan and Harry Myers announcement. Harry’s doing well and I know Kashaan is great at defending his strap. We said we’d get a picture afterwards with our belts so I’m holding him to that, we’ve gotta get both ends of our bargain sorted. I wanna see all of GB Top Team boys, we’ve got a big army on this card.”


I’ll be sure to catch you there man.


It’s always a pleasure speaking with you Vadimas, I wish you all the best for your continued training and all the best for March brother.


“Thank you my man, it honestly means the world. I look forward to seeing you bro and  enjoy, get ready for a good night for fights man.”


Last but not least, do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“For the fans, just enjoy man. Be there, be present, grab some popcorn, bring your Mrs and have a good time. Because When it comes to fighting I just wanna have fun, for me it’s one of the realest forms of entertainment we have. So I’m gonna look to perform for everyone and have a good time doing it. Malik, I’m gonna tell you bro, bring your scrambling game on point. Bring your purple belt and let’s have a good one man, because if you’re gonna grapple me I’m gonna let you know I’m no slouch. It’s gonna look like a washing machine out there with the exchanges, I hope your preparations are going well my friend, stay tuned. Shout-out to my coaches Bane and Barry, because they’ve both had children recently. Congratulations on having children. Shout-out to GB Top Team, Shout-out to my sponsors for helping me out, they’ve been amazing for this camp and I look forward to representing them. Thank you Balance, CBD Britannica, Thank you to Eryxgear, we’re cooking up some custom gear for this fight that is going to look fire. Shout-out to Vigor8 of course, for keeping me looking fresh. And to Grapplers Den as well, I appreciate their support.”



Catch Malik and many more phenomenal warriors take centre stage at what’s shaping up to be an incredible fight card on March 11th at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London. Tickets will be made available from the fighters as well as via the Fightstar Championship website here.


Fightstar Championship are proudly affiliated with the English Mixed Martial Arts Association (EMMAA) who’s prime goal is To develop and promote the education, training and safeguarding of young people, competitors and coaches in MMA.


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