Rise & Conquer 14 results

Rise and conquer

R&C14 Official Results


Gabe Sheehan – Majority decision 

Willem Wijnen – Rd1 triangle 

Andrew Lawson – RD1 TKO

Frank Hyslop – UD

Jordan Kelly – RD2 KO

Katrina Fisher – RD1 TKO

Luke Hall – RD1 RNC

Mak Reeder – RD1 TKO 

Adam Green – RD1 TKO

Bradley Brown – RD1 Guillotine 

Oosterhoff- UD

Zak Atkinson – RD1 KO

Ryan Dobinson – RD2 RNC

Adam Thomson – RD3 KO

Tom Johnston – RD1 Ninja Choke 

Sean Hutton – UD

Will Brown – RD2 RNC

Yusuf Kurt – RD3 RNC (Amateur lightweight title) 

Mehdeh Korai – RD1 RNC (professional bout)

Ben Goldsborough RD1 – TKO (professional bout)

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