How to catch the Fightstar Championship 23 action


We are now just 2 days out from Fightstar Championship 23 , a stacked card from top to bottom filled with some of the well-renowned professionals and up-and-coming amateurs from all four corners of the country.


Fightstar Championship 23 will be located at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre on March 11th, and looks to set the sky ablaze with the sound of violence once again. As a regular to this action packed organisations trips to London, I highly recommend you grab your tickets ASAP, as there are limited numbers available.



Head over to the Fightstar Championship website to grab your spot.


Unable to make the trip to the capital? Fight Ticket will be exclusively streaming the barn burner of an event for only £12.99.



Check out the incredible lineup for FSC 23 below 👇🏻


Main Card




FSC Lightweight Championship Bout

Stefano Catacoli 5-1-0 (GB Top Team) vs. Nathan Rose 7-4-0 (London Shootfighters)




Flyweight Bout

Paulo Oliveira 4-3-0 (Associacao Monterio) vs. Muhidin Abubakar 3-1-0 (ESKF)


FSC Heavyweight Championship Bout

Erwan Bresson 3-0-0 (MMA Factory, Paris) vs. Shah Kamali 4-0-0 (Fightzone London)


FSC Bantamweight Championship Bout

Harry Myers 7-3-0 (Sheppey Fight Academy) vs. Kashaan Khan 6-3-0 (Apex Army MMA)


FSC Flyweight Championship Bout

Malik Basahel 6-1-1 (AVT) vs. Vadimas Gaizutis 8-2-0 (GB Top Team)


Flyweight Bout

Jordan Molinari 5-5-0 (Combat Sports Academy) vs. Sabir Hussein 3-1-0 (ESKF)




Bantamweight Bout

Zach Maunder 1-0-1 (GB Top Team) vs Kenirujan Suthakaran 2-3-0 (New Wave Academy)


Flyweight Bout

Nicolo Bilardo 3-0-0 (GB Top Team) vs. Imran Hassan 2-1-0 (ESKF)


Flyweight Bout

Delffy Humer 3-0-0 (GB Top Team) vs. Bobby Chikavhu 1-0-0 (London Shootfighters)


Featherweight Bout

Mantas Smailys 5-2-0 (Fighter House) vs. Connor Patterson 4-0-0 (GB Top Team)


Welterweight Bout

Callum Deakin 2-1-0 (Intensity MMA) vs. Krystian Wojcik 2-0-0 (New Wave Academy)


Flyweight Bout

Hadi Khan 1-0-0 (Apex Army MMA) vs. Jonathan Davison 2-0-0 (Street Martial Arts Club)


Flyweight Bout

Louis Clarke 3-4-0 (Rough Diamonds MMA) vs. Sam Welch 4-4-0 (GB Top Team)


Featherweight Bout

Javed Uryakhel 1-0-0 (London MMA Warriors) vs. Mitchell Powell 0-0-0 (Rogue MMA)


Middleweight Bout

Joseph Kelleher 0-0-0 (Carlson Gracie London) vs. Lewis Mclelland 2-0-0 (Rough Diamonds MMA)


Middleweight Bout

Joe Pryor 0-0-0 (Carlson Gracie London) vs. Fillipo Chiereghin 0-0-0 (London Grapple)


Featherweight Bout

Kiri Dauti 1-0-0 (Novo BJJ) vs. Michal Chojnacki 1-3-0 (Rough Diamonds MMA)


Welterweight Bout

Alex Ozga 0-0-0 (Carlson Gracie London) vs. Will Fox 0-0-0 (Novo BJJ)


Welterweight Bout

Yacine Sifi 0-0-0 (Team Crossface) vs. Antonio Carvalho 1-0-0 (New Wave Academy)


Lightweight Bout

Shakh Mutalimov 0-0-0 (London Fight Factory) vs. Bilal Hotak 1-0-0 (London MMA Warriors)



Fightstar Championship are proudly affiliated with the English Mixed Martial Arts Association (EMMAA) who’s prime goal is To develop and promote the education, training and safeguarding of young people, competitors and coaches in MMA.


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