Rory Evans – “I feel like I’m fully prepared”

Cage Warriors returns to Manchester on April 15th at what’s set to be another explosive return to the BEC Arena.


Returning that night will be a fighter that has been sorely missed by the CW crowd, Rory Evans. Who will be taking on yet another big name for his return in Next Generation’s Liam Gittins.


I caught up with Rory as he prepares to once again take the walk to the CW cage, and looks to pick up where he left off in his ultimate goal of becoming the king of the Bantamweight division.


Rory Evans 5-3-0 is a Welsh Professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Bantamweight Division, representing Shore MMA. Rory has competed for Adrenalin Fight Nights, Cage Warriors Academy Wales and Cage Warriors.


I’d like to kick things off by thanking you for taking the time to speak with me again today Rory, and also to congratulate you on your explosive return to Cage Warriors at the CW 152 card mate.


“Thank you very much, I can’t wait mate.”


My pleasure pal.


I trust preparations are going well in the build-up to your highly anticipated return to the cage?


“Yeah very well. I know fighters say this all the time but this has been the best camp I’ve had in a country mile. I dunno whether you know but I now train out of Shore MMA. I’ve been there since October, so preparations have been going through the roof now, it’s next level.”


That’s a great gym man.


“Yeah, definitely.”


I look forward to witnessing what you’ve added to your explosive arsenal, a new gym always brings out different levels to a fighter’s game.


“Yeah, of course.”


Last we spoke, you were set to test your prolific skill-set to face off against Faisal Malik, unfortunately injury struck and you had to pull out from the barn burner of a collision.


As you well know, injury is part and parcel of the fight game, but it must have been such a blow for yourself personally to be out for such a long period of time?


“Oh yeah, it was a nightmare. Because I was initially meant to fight him last year but he pulled, I ended up having to have knee surgery anyway. I was set to fight him again on New Year’s Eve but he pulled out again, so he pulled out twice now. if I’m honest with you it’s been a nightmare, 2 pull outs and knee surgery, another big stint I’ve had off. But as I said, I’ve moved gyms and stuff now so I think it’s worked out for the best. I feel like I’m fully prepared, nothings gonna stop me now I feel.”


I was looking forward to witnessing you back out there on the New year’s Eve card, it was an incredible event.


I bet it’s an incredible feeling to be venturing out to the CW cage once again?


“Oh yeah, definitely mate. It’s been too long, I felt like I was getting some momentum. I’ve got a win streak going on but there’s been long gaps in between, with pull outs and injury. I’m so excited to get back in there now, it’s gonna be amazing, I can’t wait.”


You’ll be looking forward to putting the Bantamweight division on notice, no doubt.


“Yeah, definitely. Especially with Michele Martignoni stepping down to Flyweight. The belts vacant now with Dylan Hazan and Caolan Loughran fighting for it. There’s a bit of movement in the division now and I believe with a really big win against Gittins and I’m right back up there, I believe anyway.”


That would be a huge statement, definitely.


With that being said, your desire to take on the best of the best, and become the king of the Bantamweight division has been plain to see throughout your CW career. The desire to hold the gold still burns within you, it’s plain to see.


“Oh yeah 100 percent, we’re all on this journey to become champions. Everybody knows that the UFC is the place to be, but to get there, the main step is to become Cage Warriors champion. You’ve seen how many of their champions have moved on to the UFC, to get there you have tk be a Cage Warriors champion and I believe it’s my year this year, and I’m really looking forward to it.”


So many have made the move recently, New Year’s Eve saw Christian Leroy Duncan make the switch, and recently Modestas Bukauskas.


“Exactly, it’s within touching distance as soon as you get to the top of Cage Warriors, you’re just waiting for the call essentially.”


And you will have many chances to do so after signing a multi-fight deal with Graham Boylan’s iconic promotion.



starting on April 15th at the BEC Arena in Manchester, taking on yet another highly rated opponent in Next Generation’s Liam Gittins.


What do you make of Liam as you prepare to collide in April?



“He’s a great fighter. I’ve watched a lot of his fights, not because I’ll be facing him but because I enjoy his fights. He’s an exciting fighter, he’s game, he comes forward and puts the pressure on bit believe I’m better than him everywhere. I think I’ll absorb that pressure quite easily and I’ll be the one putting the pressure on. And I believe if I don’t get a finish in early then I’ll be the one punishing in the later rounds.  I’ll be putting the pressure on him in my opinion.”


I’ll do my utmost to make the trip, it’s gonna be such an incredible night.


“Yeah definitely mate, get up there.”


Cage Warriors trips to the BEC Arena have given the fans in Manchester some highlight reel finishes and bouts that will forever hold historic moments in CW history. No doubt April will be no exception.


Other than your inclusion on the night, are there any confirmed matchups in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“Oh yeah, there’s a couple I’m looking forward to. Josh Reed who I’m training with now, we both have fights on the card, Josh is always in exciting fights l, as his teammate now I really want him to win. Reece McEwan also, he comes down and trains with us quite regularly. He was down a couple of weeks ago and he’s coming back at the end of the month, so we’ll be getting some good rounds in with Reece. He’s a good boy, ill be looking forward to his bout definitely.”


Great talent, I agree.


It’s been a pleasure speaking with you again today Rory, I wish you all the best for your continued training camp and all the best for April pal.


“Thank you very much.”


Anytime mate.


Last but not least, do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Big thanks to my supporters that are going to be making the trip, we’ve got a good few people who will be making the trip already. I’m looking forward to having a nice Welsh crowd screaming as I take the walk, and put on a dominant performance. I’d like to give a big shout-out to my sponsors, Black opal, Elsbe property maintenance, E-Clean, Dragon Sealants, Hanson the clothes people, Tatami Fightwear, independent paint supplies, A.C Sport Massage, E.L.E Contractors. Thank you for all the help.”


Catch Rory and many more phenomenal warriors take centre stage at what’s shaping up to be an incredible fight card on April 15th at the BEC Arena.


Tickets are available from the Cage Warriors website here, and the event as always, will be available on UFC Fight Pass.


feature image by Sashshots

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