Post-Fight interview with Antonio Carvalho at FSC 23

Fightstar Championship 23 promised a night of exceptional Mixed Martial Arts mayhem, and they most certainly delivered.


Focusing on the Undercard, so many gifted amateurs graced the cage at the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre and gained some well earned cage time to help them progress on their ambitions in the fighter game.


One of these gifted amateurs was New Wave Academy’s Antonio Carvalho, taking his second step on his amateur journey and securing victory over Team Crossface’s Yacine Sifi, taking himself to 2-0.


I grabbed a quick chat with Antonio before he celebrated with his team to gain his thoughts on his submission victory.


Congratulations on that absolutely incredible victory Antonio, how do you feel after your performance tonight?


“Thank you, I’m very happy with my performance. I followed my gameplan, I knew my opponent was going to wrestle. I was instructed to sprawl but I saw an opportunity for a submission, it was a good idea.”


You executed your finish very quickly, finishing your opponent in just one 1:30 of the very 1st round. Were you looking for an early finish tonight?


“My coaches say I’m very good when I’m grounded, and we hit the ground straight away. I just saw an opportunity and went with it.”


Again, an absolutely incredible victory tonight Antonio, well done.


“Thank you.”


My pleasure man.


Before you go and celebrate with your team, is there anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


“Absolutely, I’d like to thank my coaches and teammates at New Wave Academy, my Family in Brazil and my wife.”

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