BRAVE CF 70/ WFC 25 gets a refreshing boost as Smart Water confirmed as the latest sponsor

BRAVE Combat Federation and World Freefight Challenge are pleased to announce Smart Water as a sponsor of the epic BRAVE CF 70/WFC 25 show in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on April 23.

Sixteen world-class athletes from 13 nations will descend upon Slovenia’s capital to showcase their talents in what will be BRAVE CF’s first return trip in three years following BRAVE CF 34 in January 2020.

BRAVE CF 70 aims to elevate Slovenia as the hub of Central European MMA and further empower the greater Europe when the brand hosts its 20th event in the “Peninsula of Peninsulas” with eleven countries visited since BRAVE CF’s inception in 2016.

Smart Water – a leader and pioneer in the hydration industry – identifies with the vision of BRAVE CF of building a truly global product. Debuting in 1996, Smart Water disrupted the bottled water status quo by reimagining hydration from the inside out, combining vapor-distilled water with added electrolytes for a pure, crisp taste, all in an iconic package. Now, the Energy Brands-owned company has decided to show its support by backing the most-global promotion this month in a move deal that will further empower the participating athletes and all involved in the BRAVE CF 70/WFC25 show.

Smart Water is the latest brand to come on board for BRAVE CF 70/WFC 25 after MMAON, Admiral Casinos (Novomatic), NAMMAN Muay, and VBO have all been confirmed as sponsors.

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