myco and Scuffle Media partner to Create a Series About MMA Scene in Africa Called ‘Causing a Scuffle’

Follow the 7-year journey of a South African Entrepreneur who through his company Scuffle (founded in 2015) has disrupted and changed the MMA landscape in Africa. With the vision of bringing the world to Africa and taking Africa to the world, Causing A Scuffle showcases Scuffle’s introduction of MMA media and event “firsts” on the continent. Such include South Africa’s first MMA radio show; Africa’s first MMA television-based magazine show; bringing the first global promotion to South Africa with BRAVE CF and launching Africa’s first MMA docu[1]reality series filmed across the continent (with filming taking place in over 6 African countries culminating with the finale taking place in Mauritius together with a MMA event which marked the first of its kind in the Indian Ocean Islands)


This series captures the passion, excitement, and dedication of African MMA fighters, fans, and entrepreneurs. As the MMA scene in Africa continues to gain global recognition, “Causing a Scuffle” is a must-watch series for anyone who wants to learn more about the sport and its impact on the African continent. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to watch the series and join the journey towards making MMA a globally recognized sport in Africa.


The series features some of the most talented MMA fighters from across the African continent and features South Africa’s own Nkosi Ndebele, showcasing their skills and telling their stories. With the backing of Scuffle Media and the innovative platform of myco, ‘Causing a Scuffle’ promises to deliver an unparalleled viewing experience for sports fans around the world.


“Causing a Scuffle” is now live exclusively on myco, a web3 video streaming, funding, production, and distribution platform, and Scuffle Media, a company that has expanded into a myriad of different industries and business sectors, have partnered to create an exciting new series about the MMA scene in Africa called ‘Causing a Scuffle’.


myco is a fully decentralised video ecosystem that offers live monetisation, crowdfunding, gating NFTs, and fractional ownership of content. With almost 1.5 million registered users from across the globe, 500 leading content creator channels, and more than 100,000 user-generated videos, myco is quickly becoming a leader in the video streaming industry. The platform is run through its native cryptocurrency (MContent), which is available on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC – BEP20), and is trading on multiple exchanges.


Scuffle Holding has a long-standing reputation for innovation and creativity in the sports and media industries. With a focus on integrity, honesty, transparency, and stewardship. By partnering with myco, Scuffle Holding brings the flourishing African MMA scene to the world through this innovative and global platform.


“We are thrilled to partner with Scuffle Holding to bring ‘Causing a Scuffle’ to viewers around the world,” said Phil Mckenzie Chief Content Officer at myco. “This series represents the best of both worlds – the innovative platform of myco and the creative edge of Scuffle Holding. We can’t wait for viewers to experience this exciting new series.”


“Scuffle Holding is excited to partner with myco to showcase the incredible talent in the MMA scene in Africa,” said Jason van Schalkwyk for Scuffle Holding. “We believe that ‘Causing a Scuffle’ will be a game-changer in the sports industry, and we can’t wait for viewers to see what we have in store.”

‘Causing a Scuffle’ is now live exclusively on myco and can be watched either by downloading the app here. or visiting

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