Michael Chandler Claims McGregor’s Whiskey Drinking is a Marketing Tool

MMA superstar Conor McGregor is still keeping fans guessing over his UFC comeback, with doubts mounting after he was spotted drinking whiskey at recent events. McGregor is due to face Michael Chandler as part of The Ultimate Fighter, but a date has yet to be confirmed for the highly anticipated bout. Despite being out of action for two years, the Irishman has been training hard and confirmed that his comeback fight will take place against Chandler. However, while attending recent fights, including Gervonta Davis’ win over Ryan Garcia and BKFC 41, McGregor was seen drinking from his Proper Twelve whiskey bottle. UFC fans began to question whether his drinking habits would delay his return to the octagon.

Chandler, however, believes McGregor’s drinking is just a clever marketing ploy to promote his new Irish Apple flavor of Proper Twelve whiskey. The former Bellator champion explained that McGregor is a master promoter and self-salesman who is simply building and staying in the public eye. Chandler is not worried about his rival’s behavior affecting his training, claiming that after a one- or two-month training camp, McGregor will still be in top form. “Whenever we fight if it is October, November then he has six-months minimum to clean things up so I am not worried,” he said during an interview with ESPN MMA.

As for McGregor’s return date, that remains a mystery. The coaching stint for The Ultimate Fighter has already been filmed, but a date for the actual fight has yet to be announced. McGregor’s absence from the octagon has been a long one, and fans are eager to see him return. However, with doubts mounting over his drinking habits, it remains to be seen when he will make his highly anticipated comeback.

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