Kurtis Campbell – “There will only be one winner”

Full Contact Contender has made their intentions clear for their upcoming visit to the Olympia on June 17th with yet another barn burner of an event for the upcoming FCC 34 card.


Returning to action will be UK standout Kurtis Campbell, who will look to not only make it 2-0 on his professional journey, but also under the banner of Adam Teh’s Full Contact Contender.


I caught up with Kurtis as he prepares to once again impress the FCC crowd on June 17th.


Kurtis ‘The Pink Panther’ Campbell (1-0-0) is an English professional Mixed Martial Artist currently competing in the Featherweight division, representing KC Fightbase and The MMA Academy Liverpool. Over Kurtis’s amateur journey m, he has fought for UKFC, Almighty Fighting Championship and FCC and now takes his 2nd professional walk to the cage with FCC on June 17th.


I’d like to kick things off by thanking you for taking the time to speak with me again today Kurt’s, and also to congratulate you on your upcoming inclusion to the FCC 34 card mate.


“Thank you, I appreciate it.”


My pleasure man.


I trust preparations have been going well in the build-up to your highly anticipated return to the FCC cage?


“Yeah, everything’s been going well. Camps been amazing so far, I feel like I’m ready to go tomorrow, so it’s all about getting to the fight now. I’ve got some time to improve on a few things and to get a little bit sharper and I’m ready.”




Due to get back out there in April, unfortunately you had to pull out of the fight set at FCC 33. For the readers, could you elaborate on the cause of this?


“I ended up going to some tryouts at the start of January and ripping a lot of my ligaments off, so that’s why I had to pull out. I had a little bit of a setback at the start of the year but now I’m back, ready, strong and everything’s going well.”


I’m glad to hear it mate, and it’s always good for your next outing to leave the fans in suspense for your next outing.


“Yeah, definitely.”


Taking your 1st step on your professional journey back at the tail end of 2022 at FCC 32, many were in awe of your victory over Hakem Al-Shamari that night in Bolton. A submission victory is impressive enough, but to submit your opponent due to strikes is something else, as well as within the opening minute of the very 1st round.


How did it feel to accomplish such a feat on your prof debut?


“It was overwhelming you know, and a surreal moment getting that pro debut on UFC Fight Pass with FCC. And with a big crowd behind me, it was a really nice moment for me and you only get to experience that once in your life so it will be a memory that will last throughout my whole MMA career.”


I can imagine, and what a victory it was. I was watching in pure shock, I’m glad I didn’t blink.


“Hahahahaha yeah, it was over pretty quick to be fair.”


Congratulations on that phenomenal victory brother.


“Thank you, thank you.”


A statement that pays compliments to your highly decorated amateur journey also that was draped in gold from 3 highly respected UK organisations UKFC, Almighty Fighting Championship and of course FCC.


Do you think such dedication to your amateur career had its part to play in such an incredible pro debut?


“Yeah, 100 percent. All the fights that I took as an amateur were all top-level opponents and I believe, the hardest opponent’s around at the time. Those moments made me more than ready to step out on my pro career, FCC 32 was just the 1st step on the journey.”


The dedication by the amateur scene, especially over the last 5 years has been incredible. It just makes me in high anticipation for the next 5 as most will be venturing out on the professional journeys, especially for the UK fighters.


“Definitely. Everything’s been building around them, there’s so many amateurs to fight over the past years in the UK and I believe, the world. I think taking my next step is massive for me, I think it was the right time.”


Absolutely, I couldn’t agree more.


No doubt many were after your signature when you made the decision to join the pro ranks, as previously stated, you had a highly successful amateur journey.


What was the defining factor in signing with FCC for you?


“FCC have been more than accommodating to me, they really treated me well, probably the best in the UK to treat me so. In terms of finding me fights, especially on a regional scene and I believe, the only promotion capable. FCC has been so accommodating, and I can’t thank them enough.”


They really are a UK powerhouse I have to agree, they really do their utmost best for you guys.


“Definitely, they don’t mess about.”


You kick your 2023 off with a bang at FCC 34, and will nondount be looking to impress once again under the banner.


You are set to face off against Alexis Tsarmantidis, fresh out on his professional career also and undefeated like yourself, this is a great collision for the fans at the Olympia.


What do you make of Alexis as you prepare to go to war in Liverpool?




“I believe Alexis is a really good opponent for me, I’m happy he’s taken the fight and I know he’s gonna bring it. But I believe once he feels my skill-set and when he takes me on at the end of the day you can’t fight a ghost, and that’s what I’m gonna be in there. I do appreciate him taking the fight but on fight night there will only be one winner.”


Great confidence man. And on home turf as well must be a great feeling, no travelling for you.


“No, not at all. It’s only on my doorstep, I can play a bit of COD and when it’s time, go and do the business.”


Hahahahaha, brilliant.


an action packed card is taking form for June 17th, with bouts being added day by day. Other than your inclusion on the night, are there any confirmed fighter’s or bouts in particular that you’re looking forward to witnessing?


“Yeah, there’s a couple of fights I’m looking forward to. I’ll be looking forward to my teammate Connor Walsh defending his FCC amateur Flyweight belt, I believe he’ll have a massive performance and show the whole of the UK Flyweight rankings why he’s number 1. I’m also looking forward to another lad I’m good mates with James Williams, who will be fighting for the pro FCC Flyweight title. That’ll be a good fight between him and Danny Missin, I’m excited to see that 1. But other than those the cards stacked, I do believe it could be one of the best cards of the year.”


Absolutely, the team really has gone all out for June.


“Definitely, it’s gonna be surreal.”


No doubt about it.


It’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you again today Kurtis, I wish you all the best for your preparations and I look forward to witnessing you out there once again mate.


“Thank you, it’s been a pleasure speaking with you too.”


Anytime brother.


Last but not least, do you have a message for the fans that will be in attendance and anybody you’d like to give a shout-out to?


I’d just like to give a shout-out to all my sponsors, my family and friends, all the lads at the gym and my coaches, they’re putting their faith in me and one day we will be where we wanna be. And for the fans, don’t blink because it’s gonna be a massive performance, it’s gonna be a showstopper of a fight.”


Catch Kurtis and many more phenomenal athletes take centre stage at the Olympia in Liverpool on June 17th, for what’s gonna be a night of pure unadulterated organised violence for the incredibly stacked FCC 34 card.

Tickets will be made available nearer to fight night, and the evening’s violent festivities will be streamed over UFC Fight Pass.

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