Fabian Edwards next in line for Bellator title shot

I think it’s a more than fair statement to say the Edwards brothers are rising to the top in the world of MMA. With Fabian’s brother, Leon Edwards being the UFC’s current Welterweight champion, younger brother Fabian is eager to be holding championship gold also. Fabian picked up a very impressive victory this past weekend on Friday the 12th of May at Bellator 296 in Paris against UFC veteran and former Bellator champion Gegard Mousasi, that win has put him next in line for a Middleweight title shot against current Bellator champion Johnny Eblen, the bout is set to take place on the 23rd of September in Dublin, Ireland.

This is shaping up to be the start of the Edwards brother’s takeover. Leon dramatically won the UFC Welterweight title with the head kick heard around the world against the former pound-for-pound number one Kamaru Usman last August, then defended it in a rematch in London this past March. These two victories would have without doubt inspired Fabian and shown him that he and his brother possess the necessary skills and mental fortitude to go all the way to the top. Fabian’s performance Friday is his best win to date, his last three bouts have all been big for his career picking up wins against Charlie Ward, Lyoto Machida and of course most recently Gegard Mousasi.

The two brothers were born into hard times in Kingston, Jamaica and live with their parents in a one-room house. Growing up surrounded by crime where their father was a member of a local gang. They eventually moved to Aston, Birmingham where originally trouble seemed to follow them but they eventually found their way to Team Renegade as teenagers and are both fighting out of that gym to this very day. Two men that I will always be supporting, I’m hopeful that Fabian can get the job done and we can see another famous post-fight interview, perhaps instead of “look at me now” a more fitting look at us now, two brothers that came from nothing both champions of the world. I look forward to watching it play out.

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