The Brilliance of Birmingham MMA.

Quietly Dave Lovell has been building a stable of Birmingham fighters.


In the UK we’ve seen the rise of the MMA gym Team Renegade, who have Leon Edwards as their crown jewel, Bellator title contender Fabian Edwards, UFC lightweight Jai Herbert and have had visits from elite UK talent such as Arnold Allen. 

Head coach Dave Lovell has been a guiding mentor for many of the athlete’s that come from the Birmingham area. Some MMA fans around the world might know him by the “Don’t let him bully you, son.” He screamed at Leon Edwards in between his first world title fight and second fight against “The Nigerian Nightmare.” Kamaru Usman





Whilst talking on “The Jay Billing Podcast.” MMA Journalist John Gooden had this to say about the crowning jewel of Team Renegade “I don’t see who has a team around him passing him a water bottle and making sure that he’s all good and messaging between rounds I see a guy that is a leader.”



Fabian Edwards, Leon’s brother had the biggest win of his young MMA career in Paris against former Bellator world champion Gegard Mousasi which lines Fabian Edwards up for a world champion bout against current champ Johnny Eblen on the 23rd of September, which is looking like another memorable night in Ireland’s recent MMA history.


John Gooden added “I see a guy in the room that wants everyone else to rise to his level or greater. He wants to be an example. That it can be done from Birmingham with his selected coaches It takes a very knowledgeable, confident, clever athlete being able to do that.” 


With Fabian Edwards fighting for the Bellator and other English talent taking part of their training camps to Briginham it’s safe to say Dave Lovell’s stable is going to continue to grow.

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