Is the BMF title a good or bad idea?

The BMF title makes its return on the 29th of July, in a highly anticipated rematch between two men fitting of the title “BMF” Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. The first bout ended via TKO in the fourth round due to punches from Dustin Poirier who picked up the win and fight of the night honours on the night, this fight took place on April 14th 2018 at UFC on Fox 29. The BMF title is very much a gimmick belt and has no real lineage or signs that it will be defended by the victor of the upcoming bout. That being said I find it fascinating that two men a win or two away from a world title shot would accept this fight and risk their ranking to become the BMF champion.

I grew up a massive fan of wrestling and in particular the WWE, therefore have nothing against someone playing the heel such as Colby Covington or a gimmick title being on the line for a big fight, especially when it’s two men so fitting of the title as we have in this instance. In my opinion, adding this belt to the already mouthwatering fight definitely adds intrigue and will undoubtedly bring more eyes to the event. I understand people’s arguments that it’s a bit of a joke title or takes away from the legitimacy of the sport I personally disagree and think it would be a feather in any man’s cap to carry this title. 

The UFC’s BMF title was first introduced in 2019, upon the tongue-in-cheek suggestion of superstar Nate Diaz during a press conference. The belt debuted at UFC 244, with Diaz and Jorge Masvidal as its first contenders. Jorge won the title via doctors stoppage and in turn become the first man to hold the title. In closing I agree with comments that the belt is a little bit silly and has no real value going forward for the fighter, however, the vast majority of the fans seem to be into it and ultimately the UFC is giving two more than deserving fighters an opportunity to win and to gain an opportunity to get pay per view points.

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