Paul Craig Calls Out Bo Nickal After Dominant UFC London Victory

Paul Craig Calls Out Bo Nickal After Dominant UFC London Victory

Paul Craig’s triumphant middleweight debut at UFC London has ignited a newfound confidence in the Scottish fighter. The dominating victory over Andre Muniz silenced doubters and cemented Craig’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the 185-pound division. Now, “Bearjew” is setting his sights on an exciting challenge and has called out highly-touted prospect Bo Nickal.


Unfazed by the competition, Craig seeks to prove himself against the best. “As a middleweight? I kind of like Bo Nickal as a fight,” Craig boldly stated. While others may shy away from facing the dangerous Nickal, Craig relishes the opportunity to test his skills against the highly-regarded prospect.


Bo Nickal’s reputation as a skilled wrestler doesn’t intimidate Craig; in fact, it plays into his game plan. “He gets in tight, takes me down, and it just fits me better,” Craig explained. With utmost confidence in his guard retention and submission skills, Craig is eager to welcome Nickal to the octagon and showcase his versatility as a middleweight contender.


Anticipating Nickal’s ground game, Craig knows that he can turn the tables on the talented wrestler. “If he takes me down, he better be good at passing guard, because I’m very good at retaining guard,” Craig warned. The potential matchup promises a thrilling clash of styles, with Craig aiming to demonstrate his well-rounded skills against the grappling prowess of Nickal.


Paul Craig’s journey in the middleweight division is about pushing his limits and making a name for himself among the elite. “That journey is not over,” Craig emphasized, referring to his current No. 9 ranking in the light heavyweight division. Embracing the challenges that come his way, Craig is determined to leave a lasting impact on the middleweight division.


A potential showdown between Paul Craig and Bo Nickal is a battle of rising stars, each with their own aspirations of claiming UFC gold. With Craig’s dominant display in his middleweight debut, the matchup with Nickal becomes all the more intriguing. As the two fighters prepare to collide, the MMA world eagerly awaits a fight that promises fireworks and highlights the future of the middleweight division.


Paul Craig’s call-out of Bo Nickal showcases his hunger for greatness and willingness to take on the toughest opponents. With a successful middleweight debut under his belt, Craig is ready to embark on a new chapter in his career, aiming for a top 15 spot and a potential showdown with the highly-regarded wrestling prodigy.

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