Tom Aspinall on UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones: “I didn’t know I could affect him so much mentally”

Tom Aspinall’s masterful performance at UFC London not only showcased his talent but also achieved something even greater – grabbing the attention of the legendary Jon Jones. The 30-year-old heavyweight sensation from Manchester revealed that he deliberately set out to get under Jones’ skin, and he succeeded brilliantly. Aspinall’s strategic approach and bold ambition have put him squarely on the radar of the reigning UFC heavyweight champion.

“I’m Definitely in His Head, It’s Pretty Good” – Aspinall’s Strategic Maneuver:

In a recent interview with BBC Sport, Tom Aspinall confidently shared his triumphant tactic to make an impact in the UFC and gain recognition from the heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. Aspinall stated, “I’m definitely in his head, it’s pretty good. That was my aim. I wanted him to know I exist.”

A Calculated Move to Make His Presence Known:

Aspinall’s ambition has always been to rise to the top of the sport, and he realized that capturing the attention of the revered Jon Jones would propel him towards that goal. With meticulous planning, Aspinall aimed to create a buzz around his name, and his stellar performance against Marcin Tybura at UFC London was the perfect catalyst.

“I Wanted Him to Know I Exist” – The Bold Ambition:

Tom Aspinall’s aim was clear – to let the world know that he is a legitimate threat in the heavyweight division and that he desires a showdown with Jon Jones. The American champion’s response, in a series of now-deleted tweets, showcased Aspinall’s successful infiltration into Jones’ thoughts.

Revelling in the Achievement:

The fact that his tactics have elicited a reaction from Jones brings a smile to Aspinall’s face. It’s a testament to the English fighter’s belief in himself and his determination to face the best in the world. Aspinall stated, “I think it was pretty funny. I didn’t know I could affect him so much mentally, so I’m pretty happy with that.”

A Potential Blockbuster Clash in the Making:

Aspinall’s newfound presence in Jones’ thoughts has undoubtedly laid the groundwork for an exhilarating future encounter between the two heavyweights. With the UFC‘s eyes fixed on this budding rivalry, the anticipation for a potential showdown at a grand venue like Wembley Stadium continues to grow.

Tom Aspinall’s strategic master plan has indeed borne fruit, as he has successfully captured the attention of Jon Jones, the UFC heavyweight champion. The 30-year-old Manchester fighter’s bold ambition and calculated approach have positioned him as a genuine threat in the division. Aspinall’s journey toward the top continues with unwavering determination and a steely focus on achieving greatness in the world of MMA.

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