LFC president welcomes BRAVE CFand IMMAF to Bogota, Colombia

Bogota will be buzzing with excitement over the next few weeks as its sporting landscape is set to be transformed by the BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week.


As we approach the two-week mark before the largest combat sports festival in Latin America, LFC President Jaime Baron welcomed the BRAVE Combat Federation and the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation to Bogota, Colombia. Bogota will buzz with excitement over the next few weeks as the nation’s capital celebrates its 485th anniversary while its sporting landscape is transformed by the ground-breaking BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week. 


The BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week will uplift Latin America’s combat sports scene when amateur athletes from North, Central, and South America will all be competing for honours and rankings under the IMMAF banner before BRAVE CF 73 closes out the fight festival on August 12 with an electric professional card that includes a Bantamweight title fight between USA’s Jose Torres and  South Africa’s Nkosi Ndebele.


Governed by the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) in partnership with BRAVE CF, the Colombian Association of Mixed Martial Arts (OCAMM), and in co-promotion with Latin Fighter Championship (LFC), the Pan-American Combat Week will give amateur and professional athletes a stage to showcase their talents and change their lives forever.


BRAVE Combat Federation has forged a strong bond with Colombia over the years. It is the only global MMA promotion to host events in the South American nation with two incredible shows thus far, including BRAVE CF 15 (Bucaramanga), and BRAVE CF 26 (Bogota), which saw the unearthing of local talent who have since become global stars. The Latin Fighter Championship promotion is the region’s leading MMA brand, and President Baron looks forward to working hand-in-hand with leaders of the global MMA industry. He, too, will be excited to see how his LFC-signed athletes fare on an international card of BRAVE CF’s calibre.


Earlier this year, BRAVE CF helped elevate European and Serbian MMA with the launch of the BRAVE Serbia International Combat Week, as more than 550 athletes from 62 federations showed up in Belgrade, Serbia, for the IMMAF World Championships and BRAVE CF 69. It was a huge boost for the economy and tourism industry as fans flocked to support their favorite athletes. The event had such a positive impact on the Serbian industry that the Serbian Minister of Sports officially endorsed mixed martial arts as a sport and announced the inclusion of MMA as part of the sports development initiative of Serbia. 


And now, BRAVE CF aims to make yet another impact, this time in Bogota, Colombia, at the BRAVE Pan-American Combat Week.

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