Across The Pond profile Cage Warriors fighter Marcus Mee

Across The Pond profile Cage Warriors fighter Marcus Mee

Cage Warriors is the crown jewel that shines the brightest when it comes to organizational structure in terms of managing to get the most potential out of up-and-coming talents. In today’s episode of┬áAcross The Pond,┬áyou will be introduced to an archer of accurate intelligence ready to begin target practice at welterweight for the promotion. A professional mixed martial artist since June 2022 and representing┬áHardy Wallhead MMA, Marcus Mee┬áholds a 1-0 record with his lone victory during his time in the professional ranks coming via knockout. He has fought for Golden Ticket Fight Promotions. The only finish during his pro career has come within the second round with a time of three minutes and 26 seconds. He has a single second-round finish under his belt in his one and only appearance as a professional mixed martial artist so far. Mee has never gone to the scorecards at any point over the course of his career as a professional MMA fighter with a finish rate of 100 percent to show for it. He also fought for Cage Warriors as an amateur in 2018 and 2019.

In his professional MMA debut at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 19, he faced┬áMilan Silva┬áand went on to knock him out in the second round. The win earned Mee the first knockout victory of his professional career in addition to his first finish in the process along with his only win as a professional thus far. Mee’s marksmanship always hits the center of the target when fists are involved, so pay attention to where you are aiming your shot once you are ready to let the arrow fly and see where it happens to land!

Marcus’s second-round knockout of Milan Silva in his professional debut at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 19 in June 2022

GTFP19 – Marcus Mee vs Milan Silva (Professional Welterweight) – YouTube

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