UFC Star Sponsors Fighter Facing Ex-Wife’s Lover

Mixed martial artist Tim Elliott is lending his support to fellow fighter Tony Soto as he gears up for his showdown with Kevin Croom at BKFC 52. Tim Elliott, a UFC Flyweight, found himself immersed in personal drama that extended into his MMA career during the summer of 2023. He took to social media to reveal that his ex-wife, Gina Mazany, a former UFC Bantamweight and Flyweight, had cheated on him with his friend and teammate, Kevin Croom, on their wedding night. To make matters worse, they had maintained a secret relationship throughout their marriage.

Elliott’s Unprecedented Public Revelation

Elliott decided to share these deeply personal and painful details just before his fight with Victor Altamirano at UFC Vegas 74. Remarkably, he won the bout by unanimous decision, marking his second consecutive victory. Gina Mazany and Kevin Croom were both let go by the UFC in 2022 due to a string of losses. Since then, they have managed to remain undefeated, transitioning their focus to bare-knuckle boxing. Croom, in particular, boasts an impressive 2-0 record in Bareknuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) and is striving for a third consecutive win against Tony Soto at BKFC 52. Soto, a recipient of support from UFC veteran Tim Elliott, is also a winner of The Ultimate Fighter 24 (TUF).

Elliott’s Support for Tony ‘Loco’ Soto

Tim Elliott has taken his first step into fighter sponsorship by supporting Tony Soto, who he believes will defeat Kevin Croom. He proudly shared on Facebook, “Sponsoring my first fighter! The man that’s about to knock out Kevin Croom… let’s go, Tony ‘Loco’ Soto.” Notably, Croom’s alleged affair with Gina Mazany became public knowledge, and Elliott made it clear that the affair was not an allegation but an undeniable fact.

Tim Elliott’s Return to the Octagon

The timing of Tony Soto’s battle against Kevin Croom coincides with Tim Elliott’s comeback. The seasoned veteran with 32 fights under his belt and a record of 19-12-1 will compete in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates at UFC 294. His opponent is the undefeated super prospect, Muhammed Mokaev, who boasts a record of 10-0 with one no-contest. Elliott’s fight will take place this weekend on Saturday, October 21, 2023.

Tim Elliott’s support for Tony Soto in his bout against Kevin Croom underscores the complexities of personal relationships within the MMA community and adds a layer of anticipation to their respective fights this weekend.

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