ADCC East Coast Trials 2023 Flyer

The ADCC East Coast Trials 2023 – Results

The ADCC East Coast Trials, the stepping stone to the ADCC World Championships for many North American grapplers, took place on October 15th in Atlantic City. It was an electrifying event that locked in five male grapplers for the 2024 ADCC World Championships.

ADCC East Coast Trials 2023 Flyer

Men’s Divisions Summary

66kg: Dorian Olivares, a young talent and a Texas high school wrestling champ, emerged as the gold medalist. At only 17 years of age! He beat high-class competitors such as Gianni Grippo and Ethan Crelinsten. Olivares’ powerful wrestling skills and stamina were impossible to ignore.

77kg: Elijah Dorsey from Team Lloyd Irvin surprised everyone. The star of the division, Nicky Ryan, was expected to win but fell to Dorsey in the finals. Dorsey’s remarkable technique and aggressive wrestling made him the division’s champ.

88kg: Jacob Couch, known as “The Hillbilly Hammer,” wowed the crowd. He dominated the division with seven straight submissions, including one over Elder Cruz in the championship match. He’s the first home-grown athlete from Daisy Fresh to head to the ADCC World Championships.

99kg: Paul Ardila, a seasoned fighter, captured his fourth ADCC Trials gold. He got through the tournament with four submission wins and beat Alex Grandy in the finals with an outside heel hook.

99kg+: Big Dan Manasoiu showcased a dominating top game to secure his second ADCC World Championship appearance. He had a 100% submission rate throughout the tournament.

Women’s Divisions Summary

Note: Winners in women’s categories do not advance to the ADCC World Championships from this event.


55kg: Alex Enriquez won the division using high-level wrestling and guard passing skills. She faced Jasmine Rocha in the final and secured a decision win after an energetic bout.

65kg: Morgan “Mo” Black made a name for herself by winning the gold. She showcased her well-rounded grappling skills, defeating Helena Crevar in the championship match.

65kg+: Amanda Leve, who recently switched focus to MMA, returned to grappling impressively. She submitted all her opponents in less than three minutes, asserting herself as a formidable heavyweight.


The ADCC East Coast Trials brought excitement and set the stage for the 2024 ADCC World Championships. Keep an eye out for these athletes; they’re the ones to watch.

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