Leon Edwards’s Team Reacts to Ian Machado Garry’s Accusations

Team Renegade, the gym frequented by UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards, has made headlines after refusing entrance to fighter Ian Machado Garry, citing concerns about his compatibility with the gym’s culture. This move follows comments made by Machado Garry, who revealed that he was barred from returning to Team Renegade due to what he referred to as ‘doubts and insecurities’ within the welterweight champion and his coach.

The Gym’s Standpoint

Team Renegade clarified their stance by stating, “While we do occasionally allow external fighters to train with us, it’s important to note that this is a privilege rather than the norm.” They further elaborated that Ian Machado Garry’s unique approach to preparation, while effective in some cases, did not align with the core principles of Team Renegade. They emphasized that their gym fosters a specific training environment, and Machado Garry’s approach did not fit within the framework they aimed to establish at Team Renegade.

Machado Garry’s Background

Ranked 10th in the UFC welterweight division, Ian Machado Garry has been on a winning streak. The unbeaten Irish fighter is scheduled to face his former teammate Vicente Luque at UFC 296 on December 16th, sharing the undercard with Edwards’s title defence against Colby Covington.

Machado Garry’s Perspective

In an interview with The Independent, Machado Garry expressed his side of the story. He began by acknowledging the welcoming atmosphere at Renegade, giving credit to Ash and Tom, who run the gym. According to him, his removal from the gym had nothing to do with them.

He detailed that Leon Edwards and his head coach raised concerns about him training on the mats and subsequently asked him not to return. They justified this by stating that Leon couldn’t have doubts or insecurities on his own mats. This decision left Machado Garry puzzled, believing the gym conflict stemmed from insecurity.

Machado Garry’s Perspective

Machado Garry believes that having another contender training on the mat would benefit everyone involved. He questioned why he couldn’t train with an elite fighter and learn from each other. He expressed his frustration at being prevented from training at Renegade, as he aimed to become the best in the world and viewed the gym as the best in the UK.

He felt that his exclusion from the gym was related to the possibility of fighting Leon Edwards in 18 months. Machado Garry’s stance was to suggest having the conversation in six months rather than being barred immediately.

The conflict at Team Renegade between Ian Machado Garry and Leon Edwards showcases the complexities of the MMA world. While Edwards has achieved success and wants to maintain it, Machado Garry seeks to learn and grow, challenging the notion of gym exclusivity. The clash between fighters and gyms is a prevalent issue, highlighting the ongoing drama within the sport.

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