Sports Streaming Leader FITE Renamed TrillerTV

FITE is proud to announce its rebranding as TrillerTV,


signaling the continuing addition of new sports categories and closer alignment with parent


company Triller. The PPV platform, subscription channel, and FAST channel will all continue to


deliver the same incredible action, with the same reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation. Now, the massive reach and resources of Triller will power FITE’s continued growth through acquisitions and major sports rights licensing deals.


“TrillerTV is everything you know and trust from FITE, but with doors open for even more


sports,” said Michael Weber, Co-Founder and COO of TrillerTV. “Our original name served


us well, as have our loyal customers, promoters, and athletes to whom we are super grateful. The time has come to give even more to expand the experience we’ve built from the ground up to celebrate the passion and precision that makes us all love sports.”


FITE was founded in 2015 using pioneering and proprietary AI tools to enhance the viewer


experience. The platform has since grown, thanks to its hard-driving, sports-fanatic team, to


serve 8 million registered users around the world, and to present blockbuster events with


the biggest names in their fields. Subscription services AEW Plus, FITE+, and the FAST


channel, FITE 24/7 have all grown at an astounding rate, and now FITE+ becomes TrillerTV+, FITE 24/7 becomes TrillerTV 24/7, and AEW Plus keeps its name. Both TrillerTV+ and AEW Plus have newly enabled geo-tagged pricing, increasing their value proposition to international audiences.


”Now that we’ve proven FITE in 10s of thousands of live events from all over the world, it’s time to expand to more content verticals under our new brand TrillerTV,” Kosta Jordanov, Co-Founder and CEO of TrillerTV, said, “We will be adding new sports categories, more premium brand promotions, and continuing to improve our technology to give the best user experience in streaming sports and entertainment.”


“We are thrilled to realize one of the core objectives of the acquisition of FITE. The launch of TrillerTV is the culmination of the strategy of expansion from their combat sports roots to broader sports content and even broader entertainment verticals across the globe. TrillerTV is a great example of Triller’s open-garden approach of delivering high quality entertainment on every platform; mobile phones, PCs, streaming devices, set-top-boxes and gaming consoles.” added Mahi de Silva, CEO of Triller.

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