Oban Elliott On Meeting CM Punk

In the electrifying world of UFC, Oban Elliott has soared to new heights, showcasing an extraordinary debut at UFC 298. Against Val Woodburn, Elliott claimed victory via unanimous decision, embodying a childhood dream and a vow to his late father. His elation is palpable.

“I’m living the dream. I am living the dream,” Elliott gleamed on The MMA Hour. “I might be the happiest man in the world right now.”

Reflecting on his debut, Elliott’s enthusiasm is infectious. “I’m not just coming to the UFC for a little bit of hype, I’m going to the top,” he affirmed. “So that’s three rounds of solid experience banked.”

His victory was merely the kickoff to an eventful night. Amidst post-fight rituals, Elliott was granted a surprise encounter with none other than CM Punk, igniting his inner fanboy.

“Get the medical done, go and do the media,” Elliott recounted. “Then I’m doing my pictures, and as I’m doing my pictures, Megan Olivi runs up… ‘Oban, do you want to meet CM Punk?’ F****** right I want to meet CM Punk!”

Their interaction, surreal and exhilarating, left Elliott in awe. “We were just talking, bouncing ideas off each other,” Elliott recalled. “I’d love to tell you exactly what we were talking about but it was so surreal. I was fanboying!”

Elliott’s journey is just beginning, but with his infectious spirit and determination, the sky’s the limit for this rising UFC star.

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