Oops! Showboating Goes Wrong: PFL Fighter Knocked Out Cold in 10-Second Headkick KO!

In a jaw-dropping moment at PFL Europe, Islem Masraf pulled off an epic knockout against Mickael Groguhe. Groguhe’s nonchalant attitude during the walk-out and introductions quickly turned into a grave mistake as Masraf sent him crashing with a blistering head kick just 10 seconds into the fight.

Check out the electrifying knockout here:


This knockout serves as a blunt reminder that there’s no room for playing around in MMA. Masraf, boasting a flawless 3-0-0 record, seized the opportunity to make a bold move by calling out none other than PFL superfight champion Johnny Eblen. It may seem like a stretch given his experience, but it undeniably puts Masraf’s name in the spotlight

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