Conor McGregor’s UFC Comeback Hits Snag: ‘It keeps getting pushed back, then I lose interest’

Conor McGregor is making headlines not just for his upcoming movie, “Road House,” premiering on March 21st on Prime Video, but also for his thoughts on returning to the octagon.

McGregor’s Frustrations with UFC

During a UK premiere of his movie at The Curzon Mayfair, McGregor expressed his frustrations with the lack of progress in his MMA career, pointing fingers at the UFC for the stagnation. Despite his busy schedule promoting the film, McGregor emphasized his commitment to his physical fitness and training regimen.

UFC’s Response

There seems to be a rift between McGregor and the UFC, with Dana White, the UFC President, providing vague responses about McGregor’s absence from the fight scene. McGregor, however, countered by highlighting his efforts in training, including camps in Cannes and Dubai, expressing his disappointment at the delays in booking his next fight.

McGregor’s Future Plans

With two fights left on his UFC contract, McGregor’s return to the octagon is highly anticipated. However, the UFC‘s slow approach in offering him a fight may push McGregor to reassess his relationship with the promotion. McGregor reiterated his desire to fight at UFC 303 on June 29th, urging UFC‘s Hunter Campbell to expedite the process.

While McGregor juggles movie promotions and training, fans eagerly await news of his return to the UFC. His determination to compete, coupled with the UFC‘s strategic manoeuvres, adds intrigue to McGregor’s future in MMA. Will McGregor’s frustrations lead to a breakthrough in negotiations, or will it strain his ties with the UFC further? Time will tell as McGregor navigates through both Hollywood and the octagon.

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