Conor McGregor Announces BKFC Ownership Deal

Conor McGregor, the Irish icon of combat sports, is once again making headlines, this time for stepping into the realm of bare-knuckle fighting as a co-owner of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships (BKFC).

During the electrifying BKFC KnuckleMania 4 event in Los Angeles, McGregor revealed his latest conquest in his trademark brash style. McGregor Sports and Entertainment, his brainchild, now shares ownership of BKFC with Triller, retaining a stake in the company.

In a fiery announcement video, McGregor proclaimed, “The Notorious Conor McGregor here. Ladies and gentlemen, the huge announcement that I have for you today, Conor McGregor myself and McGregor Sports and Entertainment are now owners of Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships. Welcome to the big leagues. David Feldman, baby, we did it.”

BKFC president David Feldman, visibly thrilled, reminisced about McGregor’s earlier cameo in 2023, which culminated in a showdown with Mike Perry post-fight. McGregor’s desire to test his mettle in bare-knuckle combat is now intertwined with his ownership of the premier organisation in the sport.

Feldman, speaking during the BKFC KnuckleMania 4 broadcast, exuded confidence, “Look, you’ve got the biggest guy in all of combat sports right now as a part owner of our company… So Conor, thank you and let’s blow this shit up.”

BKFC’s expansion knows no bounds, with forays into new markets and international venues. McGregor’s partnership promises to elevate the organisation’s global presence, potentially including ventures into his homeland, Ireland.

With McGregor’s star power and BKFC’s grit, the stage is set for a new chapter in combat sports history, where bare-knuckle fighting takes centre stage under the guidance of one of its most illustrious figures.


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