Only Fans Model Banned From UFC For Flashing

In a shocking turn of events at UFC 299 in Miami, OnlyFans sensation Hayley Davies found herself on the receiving end of a lifetime ban from UFC events. The reason? Well, she decided to give the crowd an unexpected show, flashing her assets not once, but twice!

Davies, renowned for her exploits in the adult film realm, made headlines when she dropped her top amidst the electrified atmosphere of the Kaseya Center. The incident didn’t escape the vigilant eyes of a certain “Karen,” who promptly reported the display, sealing Davies’ fate with the UFC.

Expressing her disbelief on Instagram, Davies lamented, “I can’t believe I got kicked out of the UFC for this.” But that’s not all she had up her sleeve. Taking to the X platform, she teased her followers with a censored clip of the incident, dangling the promise of an uncensored version if her post garnered 30,000 likes. At the moment, the count stands at 5,400, leaving fans eager for more.

However, this isn’t Davies’ first rodeo in the flashing department. Just days prior, she found herself in hot water after a similar stunt led to her ejection from a department store, a moment she gleefully shared with her online audience.

With Davies’ penchant for provocative antics, one thing’s for sure: whether it’s inside the Octagon or out in the world, she’s always ready to make a memorable impression.

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