Ireland will be fielding a national team of seniors and youths to compete in mixed martial arts in the 2024 GAMMA European Championships in Slovakia from 12 – 19 May. The Championships is to be hosted at the Bellevue Grand Hotel in the mountainous region of Vysoké Tatry, by the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts.

Returning Youth Medallists

On the squad is returning medallist David Costello who earned a bronze medal in the 2023 U18 World MMA Championships in Greece, in the under-16s category. This time, participating in the under-18s, he is setting his sights higher: “Competing in the GAMMA European Championships is a dream come true. My goal? Nothing less than gold.”

Fighting Family of Four

A mother and son will be competing alongside each other in Indra Davis and 10-year-old Mateo Davis. Both top prospects, mother is a former GAMMA Ireland champion, a pro-MMA competitor and a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu, while Mateo has competed in many regional jiu-jitsu events at the white and yellow belt, is nationally ranked and has one kickboxing and two MMA bouts also to his name. Husband and father Ben Davis is a renowned professional fighter, who acts as their coach and is head coach for the national team. Mateo’s 12-year-old sister completes this MMA family of four as a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor. She will be cheering on her sibling and mother at the Euros.

GAMMA Ireland official Paul Cowzer commented:  “This will be our biggest Irish team to date. We have had lots of time to prepare our team. They have competed against each other at local GAMMA Ireland Championships, and always support each other when we’re competing on the regional Irish and UK MMA scene. We can tell you this about us all: the Irish will come with love, and laughter, but also to fight!”



Indra Davis,  Seniors Female | MMA -61.2 Kg                            
Sinead Lavin,  Seniors Female | MMA -47.6 Kg                            
Roberto Zundans, Seniors Male | MMA  -84kg
Darryl Scanlon, Seniors Male | MMA – 84kg


David  Costelloe,  U18 Male | MMA -70.3 Kg
Bradley  Cowdell,  U18 Male | MMA -77.1 Kg
Jayden Jordan, U18 Male | MMA -70.3 Kg
Shay Madden, U18 Male |MMA -63.5 Kg
Deedar Othman, U18 Male | MMA  -77.1 Kg
John O’ Sullivan, U18 Male | MMA -63.5 Kg
Nizar Othman, U16 Male | MMA -54.4 Kg
Mollie Stakelum, U16 Female | MMA -63.5 Kg
Matylda Nowak, U14 Female | MMA -45.4 Kg                            
Jack Stakelum, U14 Male | MMA -40.8 Kg
Riley Cowdell, U12 Male | MMA -36.3 Kg
Liliana Nowak, U12 Female | MMA -31.7 Kg
Thomas Stakelum, U12 Male | MMA -31.7 Kg
Mateo Davis U12 Male | MMA -40.8kg
Emilia  Moore, U10 Female | MMA -27.2 Kg

Follow the 2024 GAMMA European Championships live on GAMMA YouTube channel and Facebook from 14 – 19 May.

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