Angela Magana told to keep away from Alliance MMA by Brandon Vera

Alliance MMA co owner and former UFC star has kicked trash talker Angela Magana out of the gym.

Magana has been trash talking about Cris Cyborg recently and was confronted by Cyborg at the UFC athlete retreat a couple of weekends ago. A video doing the rounds apparently shows Cyborg punching Magana.

Brandon Vera released the following statement on his Facebook page:

*edited version for this PC world we live in.

I was gonna leave this alone.. .

She kinda embodies what’s wrong with the world today… super entitled, whines n Cries about everything, and no other skills whatsoever, pretty worthless.

You got your card pulled….. for “cyber bullying” someone you thought you’d never run into. Super drama. . .

Do me a favor and keep away from my Alliance MMA

I super feel like a bully for posting this, but, she’s a prime example of the world gone to sh-t.

P.S. There’s a reason why No One is standing up for u, not your homegirls, training partners, even fighters at the summit. You deserved it…

Also, your hospital pics are sh-t for a case since you went to a #snoopdogg concert that very same evening.

If this burns any of y’all and wanna talk about it… I’m in Guam now and back to PH next week. Come on out.


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