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No Quick Return for GSP

Any future UFC return for GSP is still very much in the balance. John Danaher who is GSP’s grappling coach has said this on Joe Rogan’s MMA Show –

“The truth is that no one knows because it comes down to medical problems, Georges has a problem in his stomach. I’m not gonna claim to be a medical expert but it’s one of the most frustrating things Georges has had to deal with. . . The truth is, no one really knows at this point. Wherever there’s doubt my instinct is to think, ‘Do you really want to come back Georges? You’ve done all this and it was [an] amazing [way to end his career.]’”

GSP at 36 and after a long MMA career really has nothing left to prove, he came back from nearly 4 years away to beat Michael Bisping and win his 2nd UFC title, which he vacated soon after citing his medical problems. GSP has a 26-2 MMA record, both defeats avenged, so what is there left to achieve.

A fight with Tyron Woodley to reclaim his old Welterweight title is one option, but that surely is going over old ground. More enticing might be a super fight with Conor McGregor, which could be a big enough challenge and money spinner to tempt McGregor back.

Personally GSP clearly isn’t the fighter he once was, and I would like to see, just once a great fighter leave the sport on a high.