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Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley gets Bellator release

Judging from the social media post below from Paul Daley, it looks like Daley and Bellator are going to go their separate ways.

“They’re only your friend, until they’re not your friend.

I have politely asked for my RELEASE from BELLATOR MMA, which they have agreed to.

Once I have the paperwork through, stating that I am free to fight elsewhere, I will be looking to fight out my last 18 months in this sport with the organisation that can put together the most exciting fights for my loyal fans.”


Bellator are saying Daley is still signed to them, while Daley has told me he has a screenshot saying that Bellator are happy to let him go.

More will obviously follow on this story, where will Daley end up next if he does indeed leave Bellator.