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Mayweather v McGregor: On Reflection

Months after the fight took place, we still have no definitive return for McGregor, in either sport, and despite rumours, Mayweather is still retired. So all these months on, what do we think now of Mayweather v McGregor?

Despite the millions all parties got for the fight, some wouldn’t call it that, there was much risk for both Mayweather and McGregor and of course boxing and MMA.

Mayweather, the self-proclaimed best, he isn’t by the way, would never have recovered from a defeat to someone from another sport making his professional boxing d├ębut, the damage to his legacy would have been permanent.

Even a life and death struggle would have harmed his reputation and his right to even be in the conversation for the mythical greatest ever.

McGregor had his own pressure’s of course, if he had suffered a quick stoppage loss or even a one-sided, embarrassing points loss, the damage to his reputation and his sport, while not permanent, would have taken some time to recover.

I think on reflection, all parties just about got away with it, no harm done.

Mayweather won comfortably enough, I still don’t think he carried McGregor. Mayweather did what he always does, he let the storm pass, and put on the pressure once the danger had passed.

As for McGregor, he was competitive early, surprised many, and left the ring with respect from the boxing world.

McGregor still talks of a rematch, it won’t happen, it shouldn’t happen, but then the fight last August shouldn’t have happened.

The worry I have for McGregor is, has the fight and millions he made robbed him of his hunger to fight. There is of course, the time away from MMA, he hasn’t fought in the UFC since November 2016, will he return the same fighter, will he ever return, and where.

Mayweather v McGregor wasn’t the embarrassment it could have been, and as I said earlier, they got away with it, just.