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Headhunters Fighting Championship Results

March 24th, 2018 – Grangemouth Sports Complex, Grangemouth. Headhunters Fighting Championship returns to the Grangemouth Sports Complex for an exciting night of MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing. Follow the results below as they happen.


(K1 Kickboxing) Finlay Wight Vs Peter Omeara, Finlay Wight wins via decision

(C-Class) Ally McCabe Vs Stephen Mason, Ally McCabe wins via tko rd2

(C-Class) Holly Barker Vs Abbie McNiff, Abbie McNiff wins via tko rd4

(K1 Kickboxing) Michael Glendinning Vs Liam Bain, Michael Glendinning wins via decision

(UAR MMA) Niall Strange Vs Keir Harvie, Keir Harvie wins via submission rd 1

(UAR MMA) Emily Badmaev Vs Shannon Troupe, Emily Badmaev wins via submission 3rd rd

(UAR MMA) Micky Grogan Vs Michael Blair, Michael Blair wins via tko rd1

(UAR MMA) Andres McNeil Vs Stuart Wright, Stuart Wright wins via submission rd2

(UAR MMA) Nathan Hughes Vs Mark Ewen, Mark Ewan wins via submission 3rd rd

(UAR MMA Bantam Weight Title) Kai Richmond Vs Harry Beckham, Harry Beckham wins vis submission 3rd rd

(UAR MMA) Sean Kerr Vs Damon Donald, Damon Donald wins via tko 3rd rd

(PRO MMA) Neil Laird Vs Lukasz Sarafiniak, Lukasz Sarafiniak wins via submission rd 1