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The disarray, disarrangement and disorderliness of the UFC ranking system knocks down Mighty Mouse

Another blatant disrespectful move by the UFC has come to light. Demetrious Johnson, the record holder for most title defences not even 48 hours past UFC 227, been stripped of his #1 pound for pound slot.

And if that wasn’t enough of a kick in the gut, the UFC has tossed aside mighty mouse to 6th in the rankings.

I find it completely out of order on the UFC’s part to toss aside one of the few men that have made the organisation what is today down the rankings. One loss since back in October 2011 at UFC Live.

I’d have thought DJ would have at least got a rematch before being dropped down the rankings. But that fight seems sure to be claimed by TJ Dillashaw.

After his epic unanimous decision win, Henry Cejudo called out the winner of the bantamweight clash up next on UFC 227 this past Saturday night in Los Angeles. ” The winner of this next bout Joe I wanna fight that guy, I wanna fight the winner at 135 pounds I deserve it. Olympic champion now UFC champion now gimmie the next at 135 pounds”.

What a call out don’t get me wrong but blatant disrespect to Mighty Mouse. After his second consecutive KO/TKO defeat over Cody “No Love” Garbrandt 4:10 in the first round of the main event, TJ had this to say to the flyweight champion “bring it on baby let’s do this”.

This will no doubt sting to most fans out there who were hoping DJ would get a shot at the reception.

Only time will tell which way this will go. So yet again the ranking system of the UFC has been sent into disarray.

Wouldn’t get your hopes up of Dana ever making the system fair for fighters and champions alike, only time will tell.

Whether it was morning, evening, noon or night I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

Aaron East

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