Darren Till to move to middleweight

Darren Till has said he is likely to move up to middleweight.

Till fought Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title last month and made weight ok, however, he has had a few problems making weight in the past.

Till wouldn’t be the first to move up from welterweight and he will hope to emulate Georges St Pierre, who won middleweight title, Robert Whittaker, current champion and his title challenger Kelvin Gastelum, who have all had success at middleweight.

“I’m a big dude for welterweight to be honest, so that’s probably going to be my last fight at that weight,” Till said in his Paddy Power News column.

“Welterweight isn’t fully gone for me, but I’m going to be happy going up to middleweight now and I’ll be strong at that weight not having to cut as much weight.

“I’m at the pinnacle of my fighting career now, I’m one of the biggest names in MMA right now.

“I’m fighting the best and I am one of the best.”

He continued by saying he could still drop down to welterweight in future.

“I’ll have a few fights at middleweight and you never know, down the line, if Woodley is still about then I can have another go at him, that’s a rematch I want.

“The future’s bright, I’ve got another ten years in this sport.

“It’s not that I can’t make the weight. I’m just a big lad so I just have to be on such a strict, regimented diet and being honest, I don’t like doing it.

“People might say ‘he’s not disciplined enough’, but because I have to cut so much weight I can only eat the bare minimum of food and that’s not how I want to be training.”

Till now expects to go from being the big guy to the little guy in his division.

“I want to be eating nice, healthy, big meals and training hard, smashing my training.

“The move up will help me keep my head more relaxed over the weight cut and I’ll be training more with a smile on my face, so I’m looking forward to going to middleweight.

“I was always the big guy at welterweight and now I’ll be the little guy at middleweight, so I’m getting a taste of my own medicine I suppose.

“However, I’ll be faster than those guys and we’ll see how it plays out.”

It was only matter of time before Till made the move to middleweight, time will tell if he can prove to be a success.

Mick Kane
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Will get pumped

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Not a surprise

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silva vs till!

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That’s a big duh

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He’ll still look big!

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Israel Adesanya vs Darren Till would be a banger

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Ethan Farrugia till vs whittaker 😬

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Correct move

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Smart dude, i think he will smash in middleweight!

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