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On Top 22 live results

9 March 2019 at the ON-X Centre in Linwood, Scotland. On Top Promotions returns to the ON-X Centre in Linwood for their 22nd event. Follow all the action below in our live blog.


    Welterweight Amateur MMA
    Danny Naismith (Force Fight Team) vs Kunle Lawal (Higher Level)

    Danny Naismith def. Kunle Lawal via unanimous decision

    Bantamweight Amateur MMA
    Aaron Towns (Results Gym) vs Adam Battley (MXP)

    Aaron Towns def. Adam Battley via unanimous decision 

    Welterweight Amateur MMA
    Oskar Carlsson (Wolf Fight Team, Sweden) vs Lee Johnstone (Higher Level)
    Lee Johnstone def. Oskar Carlsson via submision rd. 2 (rear naked choke)


    Featherweight Amateur MMA
    Max Harding (Obsidian MMA) vs Jamie Mcglinchey (Griphouse)
    Max Harding def.  Jamie Mcglinchey via Unanimous Decision 

    72kg Catchweight Amateur MMA
    Ola Jacobsson (Wolf Fight Team, Sweeden) vs Mark Ewan (Higher Level)
    Mark Ewan def. Ola Jacobsson by KO rd. 2 (punch)

    Featherweight Amateur MMA
    Hamish McKinnie (Gorilla Fight Team) vs Sean Gilley (Newcastle Fight Centre)
    Hamish McKinnie  def. Sean Gilley via majority decision.

    Flyweight Amateur MMA
    Darren Crighton (Ayrshire Fight Academy) vs Logan McGonigal (Higher Level)
    Logan McGonigal def. Darren Crighton via unanimous decision. 

    (No picture!)

    Lightweight Amateur MMA
    Kamil Filipowicz (Scottish Hit Squad) vs David Fell (Braveheart MMA)
    David Fell def. Kamil Filipowicz via submission rd. 2 (armbar) 

    Bantamweight Amateur MMA
    Scott Bruce (Gorilla Fight Team) vs Kev Brown (Cateran MMA)
    Scott Bruce def. Kev Brown via TKO rd.2 (Strikes) 

    Lightweight Amateur MMA
    Lucas Davidson (HMAC) vs Ryan Campbell (Scottish Hit Squad)
    Ryan Campbell def. Lucas Davidson via TKO rd. 2 (Strikes) 


    Featherweight Amateur MMA
    Warren Killingback (HMAC) vs Josh Nicol (Fudog)
    Josh Nicol def. Warren Killingback via submission rd. 1 (Kneebar)

    56kg Catchweight Amateur MMA
    Jack Roy (Scottish Hit Squad) vs Anthony Papp (Goliath MMA)
    Jack Roy def. Anthony Papp via Majority Decision

    Featherweight Amateur MMA
    Finlay Wright (HMAC) vs Bradley Scott (Braveheart MMA)
    Bradley Scott def. Finlay Wright via submission rd.1 (Triangle Choke) 

    72kg Amateur MMA
    George Faulds (HMAC) vs Oscar Plank (Shaolin MMA Dublin)
    George Faulds def. Oscar Plank via TKO rd 1. (Punches)

    Welterweight Amateur MMA
    Konstantin Weixler (DMMA) vs John Gilfillan (Bravehart MMA)
    Konstantin Weixler def. John Gilfillan via TKO rd. 2 (Strikes)

    60kg Catchweight Amateur MMA
    Dylan Hingston (HMAC) vs Argyll Graham (Goliath MMA)

    Dylan Hingston  def. Argyll Graham via unanimous decision. 

    Featherweight Amateur MMA
    Devin Radianu (Wolf Fight Team Sweden) vs Ruairi Broderick (Shaolin MMA Dublin)

    Ruairi Broderick def. Devin Radianu via unanimous decision.