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The Scottish Chainsaw Massacre

I have been wanting to bring focus towards some grapplers in my home country of Scotland I have noticed a lot of potential in. I will be highlighting many talented grapplers over the next few articles, however for this one I wanted to bring focus towards a very talented grappler called Charles Johnston, one who I have previously mentioned in my ‘Scottish Grappling – What’s Next?‘ article.

He has not trained as long as one would think due to the mat skill he possesses, being a very strong grappler, medaling at a regional ADCC competition. The very next day he was competing on the PowerBJJ Quintet style tournament. In the first round, his teammates got an easy work shift as he eliminated the entire opposite team by himself. In the final, he battled BJJ Purple Belt Jack Brown to a decision draw in a very competitive match.

‘Chainsaw’ Charlie as he is known as credits his rapid development in BJJ due to the tutelage of Scottish Martial Arts Centre grappling coach and professional MMA fighter Craig McIntosh as well as having many great training partners to help him develop his skill such as Thomas Helenson, Gary Priestly, Barry Munro and Stevie Waye (with many others as well who I cannot remember, unfortunately). Charles believes that his incredible development has come from the bond that he has his teammates, the desire for each of them to develop. From a personal perspective, I believe his development has come from the team he trains with as well as his strong work ethic as well as his family and friends wanting to see him continue his rapid progression, I believe all of these traits that he possesses are monumental and absolutely necessary to see the rapid success that he has seen recently and because of this that is why I name Charles Johnston as one of my ten grapplers in Scotland to look out for as he will do many great things this year on the mat.


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  • Hoàng Thị Thu Hoài
    08/04/2019 at 7:57 pm

    Hết tiền nhận đi khách giá rẻ ai cần ib 💋 😷 ☺