The Cowboy Won Twice? Jim Miller Admits It Wasn’t A Low Blow

Donald Cerrone vs Jim Miller UFC FIGHT NIGHT 45
Donald Cerrone vs Jim Miller UFC FIGHT NIGHT 45

Last night at UFC Fight Night 45 there was a bit of confusion when it appeared that Donald Cerrone had ended the fight with a stiff kick to the body. Instead of stopping the fight and awarding Cerrone the win Dan Miragliotta paused the action for a moment and took it as a low blow.
Though, he then appeared to change his mind and not award Miller the full 5 minutes and made him commence fighting immediately.  Essentially giving him a breather and extra time recover.

A lot of people we’re saying Cowboy won the fight twice, and it appears to be true.

I have nothing but respect for Jim Miller, a great fighter and warrior. It was the referee mistake that let the fight continue. Mistakes happen, in the game of being a mixed martial arts official it can be crucial. Imagine if Cerrone had lost the fight and we find out it should have actually been stopped.

It was very refreshing to hear someone being honest and upfront with the fans. Respect to Jim Miller.


‘No it wasn’t, The first knee he through messed me up to the body pretty bad, it was a solid shot to the belly, it’s that I wasn’t going to let it go, he didn’t know if was to the body I tried.’


I wish Jim Miller all the best, he lost to a top quality opponent in the, and we will see him back strong again soon




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