Linton ‘The Swarm’ Vassell – Interview With MMA UK About His Fight At Bellator 122 Friday 25th

Recently MMA UKs and the Daily Sports own Geoffro went to interview Linton ‘The Swarm’ Vassell.  They spoke about Lintons upcoming fight and how he got into mma and even asked questions from the fans. Linton is 13-3 and 2-0 in Bellator and is currently riding on a 8 fight win streak. We have the text of the full interview right here and lets see what Linton had to say when Geoffro asked him all the questions that the fans wanted answered.

Geo – Linton its very nice to meet you. and thank you for taking the time to speak to us, please start by telling me and the fans how you got into mma originally and what spurred you on into the sport?

Linton – well originally it was one of my friends Paul, who got me into it and told me to go down to the gym and i ended up enjoying it and fell in love with the sport.

Geo – and it spiralled on from there?

Linton – yes, I had my first semi pro fight within 6 months and I just took it from there.

Geo – how many fights did you have before you turned pro?

Linton – I had 3, I won them all and won a title.

Geo – fantastic, what did you start training in first?, was it muay thai or wrestling?

Linton – well, I did a little bit of kickboxing first to keep fit and progressed from there.

Geo – certain fighters have signature moves that you have to watch out for. Urijah Faber has the guillotine. Aldo has his kicks. do you have anything that you do particularly well that we should look out for?

Linton – I am always looking for a finish. If it’s not from ground and pound then a good submission. I love the guillotine, rear naked choke and I love the Kimura.

Geo – MMA WARRIORS one of the pages that I know want to ask a question. They want to know what has happened since you last lost which was in 2010 and now that you’re on a 8 fight win streak? Did you change something after that loss?

Linton – all it was is that I took the fight at short notice. I had a fight just before which lasted 14 seconds. He said I poked him in the eye when I had actually punched him in the face. The fight was stopped. It was declared a no contest. I still felt ready to fight so I took a fight at the last minute in Sweden but I did everything wrong. I did the weight cut wrong and I didn’t rehydrate properly. In the fight I won the first two rounds and in the 3rd I gassed out. I had no energy and I lost by TKO. At the hospital afterwards they told me I had no sugar in me and that’s why my body shut down. Since then I have never taken a fight on short notice and I make sure I prepare properly and it must be working as I am on a 8 fight win streak.

Geo – one of the things that keep popping up amongst the fans is Liam mcgeary the British light heavyweight. Have you met him yet?

Linton – I haven’t met him yet. We have never been on the same card. I think he is undefeated and maybe one day we will fight.

Geo- I now have a question from ADDICTED TO MMA and they want to know how do you feel about Bellator dropping the tournament setting? Were you looking forward to competing in a tournament?

Linton – yes, I was. I wanted to be in the tournament because it can get you a title fight and I have never been in a tournament. But I am 2-0 and I know if I string a few more together I will get a shot.

Geo – so your next fight is this Friday at Bellator 122. Your opponent is Virgil Zwicker and he finishes most of his fights by KO. Do you think he will come out swinging or try some other tactics against you?

Linton – every fighter is different, but I expect him to come swinging. You never know he might try to fool me and go for a takedown. I know one thing he is going to bring it and he is very durable and i have a fight on my hands, but I am ready for him and whatever he brings.

Geo- how long have you been in camp for this fight and how much weight have you cut?

Linton – 10 week camp for this fight and I cut down from 110 and I am currently walking around at 98 right now.

Geo- how long do you normally fly out before a fight?

Linton – I went a week before my fight in Dallas and two weeks before my last fight. It will be one week this time as that is all I need so I can do all my medicals and rest of the time I will just chill out.

Geo- what is your prediction for the fight?

Linton – TKO or submission I can only see myself winning.

Geo- I like the sound of that. I would like to go back to the fan questions again. I got a question from the Aaron littlevoice and he would like to know if you got a fight Jon bones Jones would you take it?

Linton – I would be stupid not too.

Geo- what would your tactics be in that fight?

Linton – try to keep out of the way of his punches and kicks and take him down.

Geo- MMA OUTSIDERS Eric wants to know how long your reach is?

Linton – 82 inch (Jon Jones is 84.5)

Geo- Tim from THE REAL TALK MMA says if you could fight any one of these guys who would you fight? Emanuel Newton, Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz or king mo?

Linton – well rampage is a team mate so he is out of the question. Emanuel is the champ so I would fight him first, then the other two anyday, but it would be an honour to fight any of them.

Geo- now we have one more question from peter who runs MMA STRIKE. Who says before it comes time for you to hang up your gloves do you ever think that you will have a fight with Jimi manuwa?

Linton – yes, it has to happen, the fans want it, I want it, he is ranked number 1 and I am ranked number 2 and I want to be number 1.

Geo- well Linton it has been a pleasure talking to you and thank you very much for having me here and for talking to MMA UK.


You will be able to see Linton fight next week at Bellator 122 on Friday the 25th against respected veteran Virgil ‘Rezdog’ Zwicker who is a knockout artist who is 12-3 with many first round finishes. We wish Linton the best of luck, and we can’t wait to see what will be next for The Swarm



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Peter Knox

MMA Strike

Interview by Geoff Ironchefcoach Stratton


MMA Warriors

Daily Sport

Trevor Carlson (left) lost via submission round 2 to Linton Vassell (right)
Trevor Carlson (left) lost via submission round 2 to Linton Vassell (right)


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