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FIGHT UK MMA was founded originally in 2009 by owner Alistair Pettitt, although the management structure of the promotion has altered since it’s conception the ethos has remained the same throughout.
FIGHT UK MMA have taken a different and unique approach to growing the promotion and it’s fighters through the tag line ‘Treating the Amateur Like a Pro’ What is basically being said is the amateurs will be treated like professionals in the fact they are fighting in safe, professionally regulated environment where the primary focus is around fighter safety and progression.Originally known under the alias ‘Fight Force UK’ which held their first event in May of 2010. There was some legal issues surrounding Zuffa owned Strikeforce at the time and the name had to be changed. Interesting that at such an early stage in Fight Force UK’s lifetime they have been noticed by such a large and imposing figure in the world of mixed martial arts. The decision therefore was taken to rebrand as FIGHT UK.
The first event featured two current Cage Warriors in exciting fighter John Phillips and respected veteran Leeroy Barnes. Adam Parkes also was featured who is a sparring partner for the A-Teams very own ‘Mr T’ Quinton Rampage Jackson at Wolfslair.
So far through the lifetime of FIGHT UK there has been growth throughout the production quality and fighter movements. FIGHT UK pride themsevles on setting first class standard in the world of Amateur and Pro martial arts. This has resulted in the titles held by FIGHT UK’s combatants being respected titles that are taken seriously which results in doors being opened for their fighters. There is always a risk of promotions just putting on events for a quick buck, and not having any interest in their fighters futures. I am happy to say that I have on good authority from multiple credible sources such as respected mma gyms, coaches and fighters that FIGHT UK is not one of such events. Fight UK takes the fight game very seriously and strives for the highest standards within their boundaries.
MMA UK will only be supporting the finest and honourable MMA promotions within the UK and we are firmly behind FIGHT UK.
Here is a short list of a handful of the fighters that have gone to the bigger leagues through Fight UK
Yannick Bahti – Current FIGHT UK MW CHAMP now on BAMMA
Fraser Opie – Current LHW Champ – Now on EFC Africa
Matthew Hallam – Cage Warriors
Dean Trueman – Cage Warriors
Lloyd Clarkson – Cage Warriors
James Hurrell – Cage Warriors
Carl Booth undefeated FIGHT UK welter weight Amateur Champion now on Cage Warriors
Martin Sheridan – Cage Warriors
Mahmood Besharate – BAMMA
Saul Rogers – Current current featherweight champion, now doing big things in Cage Warriors
Vaughan Lee – Signed by the UFC shortly after fighting and Fight Uk’s Fight 4 event
This is just a handful many more can be found on FIGHT UK’s website    –
The focus has changed slightly in the format of the fights but not in the quality by 2013 and 2014. It is still focused around the amateurs, but a new tournament was created called the appropriately named ‘Last Man Standing tournament’ These are 8 man tournaments, in which each weight class will fight in a one night tournament for the lucrative prie of £2000. There have been successful Welterweight and Lightweight tournaments and MMA UK will be live on hand covering play by plays for hte following tournament which is the Heavyweights and Featherweights on the 9th of August. In the previous Last Man Standing tournaments we saw James Duckett take the WW victory, and Harry Marple take the LW in this tough test of fighters condition, willpower, strength and ability.
FiIGHT UK’s attitude to the fight game led to them becoming registered in 2013 with SAFE MMA – see link below
FIGHT UK always use the best officials in the industry. All officials have officiated on UFC and or Cage Warriors with 6 of these officials only last night being used on UFC Fight Night in Dublin. This further compliments the credibility of this organisations intentions regarding fighter well being and progress. These are not promotions that are putting on cheap entertainment, they are promoting a respected sport in which the athletes give 110% dedication and time to an incredibly challenging and daunting passion.
Now that you know about FIGHT UK MMA, let me tell you why you should be attending the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight tournaments in August.
AUGUST 9th LMS HW CARD Heavyweight Tournament:
. Tom Aspinall (Kaobon)
2. Adam Corbett (Combat Athlete)
3. Nasar Khan (Fearless MMA)
4. Shawn Kenny (Next Generation)
LMS Featherweight £3000k Tournament
1.Aiden Lee (Fearless MMA)
2.Ben Knight (Manchester Predators)
3.James Dixon (Lions MMA)
4.Darren Higgins (UTC)
5.Teir Blundell (Primal Fight Gear)
6.Gregor Jurcic (NFM Fight Team)
7.Kams Expo (London Shootfighters)
8.Will Foster (Impact MMA)
Professional Bouts: MW – Kev O’kane (UTC) vs Keith Ellis (NFM)
Amateur Bouts Lightweight Title Fight – Vacant LW –Jake Ocean (Fight Hub) vs Mark Stredder (Bushido)
FW – Aaron Lovell (UTC) Vs Julian Tipping (Kettering Shootfighters)
WW – Darrel Gilson (Shudan) vs Jordan Jones (Wolverhampton MMA)
LW – Ash Flint (debut – Amber Valley) vs Elliot Moon (Bushido)
WW – Josh Plant (Impact MMA) vs Dan Beckett (Shudan)
FW – Daniel Haslam (Amber Valley) vs – Lucas Cox (NFM)
MW – James Reedman (NFM) vs Billy Jermain Bakker
*Fights subject to change and also more to be added
As you can see it is a heavily stacked card with an evening that will be filled with quality fights and entertainment, provided in a safe regulated arena. I can honestly say I am very excited to see these guys compete on August 9th and MMA UK will be providing in depth play by plays and live crowd interaction via social media. We will also be introducing our first ‘Fightmetric’ scoring system where will will post live statistics on the fights that are happening. FIGHT UK MMA, Last Man Standing Heavyweight and Featherweight tournament is happening on August the 9th at the Hermitage LC in Whitwick.
You can and should buy your tickets from the below link now!

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