Former UFC fighters Colin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher VS Andre Winner In K-1 Rules Bought This Weekend

Kings of Glory
Kings of Glory

The same team that put on the Made 4 The Cage shows are launching a new event solely focused on the striking elements of the combat sport game. Kickboxing and boxing bouts will be taking the center stage in the K1NGS OF GLORY debut at Rainton Meadows Arena on July 27th. There are some well known names from the local and international MMA Circuit featured.

TUF Finalists and UFC Veterans Andre Winner (19-8-1-MMA) and Colin Fletcher (10-4 MMA) will be stepping in the ring for a 73KG K-1 rules matchup. In both mens previous careers they have both been regarded as capable strikers, though in mma rules there was always the risk of the fight being taken to the floor. In this fight there will only be punches and kicks traded till victory or defeat. Winner recently won an 8 man tourney and claimed the lucrative £15,000 prize. He is aiming to be as active as possible so we can expect to see Andre fighting again before the year is out, maybe twice. Winner is a training Parter of Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley who recently announced he has signed a deal with a large American promotion though he didn’t let us know which one yet.

Seven of Fletcher’s ten mma victories have been via submission, though it was always a well known fact that he has a more than capable striking game. We have seen his powerful striking techniques on display in TUF- The Smashes and Recently in BAMMA.

This is fantastic match up available to be seen live on British soil. This is an international quality match up that has fireworks written all over it.

Andre Winner
Andre Winner
Coin 'Freakshow' Fletcher
Coin ‘Freakshow’ Fletcher

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