UFC In Scotland? Do They Have The Fanbase To Pull It Off?



Could the Scots pull it off as well as the Irish?
Could the Scots pull it off as well as the Irish?


Firstly, looking at the massive success of UFC Dublin we can see evidence that support the known fact that the fans of sports from within the Britsh/Irish Isles are of the most passionate in the world. Was it because of the line up of well known fighters? No, that success came down to mainly one man, his mouth and his fists; Conor Mcgregor. Is it because he is the next level fighter that will dominate and tear through the whole division in a Jon Jones’esque rise to the top and title? Only time will tell, but his cockiness and brash personality definately help fans take interest and engage with him. He has single handedly put Ireland firmly on the MMA map, essentially mimicing what Bisping did for England, but quicker.

Looking at Scotlands top fighters, do they need to start conducting themselves in the same way as Conor and Michael did to put Scotland on the map? I don’t think it will be neccessary. Firstly, Scotland has huge realistic title hopes for their favourite daughter Joanne ‘Jojo’ Calderwood. She is currently competiting in Season 20 of the Ultimate Fighter where the winner will be crowned the first ever UFC women’s strawweight champion. As an undefeated and dangerous striker, Jojo has already gained quite the international following and respect. Next up we have Robert Whiteford, not only is he the first Scotsman to ever compete in the UFC but also to win. Both of the fighters conduct themself in a very respectful and mature manner outside of the cage. Jojo is renowned for her mousy shyness and polite manner, and Robert is well known and loved as a true gentleman of the game. They have gotten where they are off their own merits, and it begs me to ask the question, which is the best way to go about it? Conor Mcgregors loud brash ways are not for everyone, but without a doubt he talked Dana into coming to Dublin, I think there would be other ways of Robert getting the Scottish fans too show Dana and Lorenzo that the Celtic warrior spirit would fill an entire football stadium to watch these iconic national athletes fight
So Scotland knows they have the fighters, mainly coming from highly successful Griphouse gym in Glasgow. They ensure young talented fighters all over Scotland flourish and grow in the best fashion. Scotland has the facilities to put on an amazing show for these fiercely passionate fans. The coverage of MMA in Scotland is very limited, and fortunately there are MMA journalists operating with large social media fanbases who are ready to turn their focus onto Scotland. MMA UK and MMA warriors are joining forces with MMA Scotland and MMA strike to work tirelessly in aiding the growth of the sport. Scotlands rough reputation should be a positive sign that the UFC would find a new home away from home here, not used as a reason for people to not attend!
Scottish mma has the potential to skyrocket and show the MMA world what these Celtic Warriors are all about, whether fan or fighter



Written by Peter Knox – MMA Scotland

Edited by – Geoff Stratton – MMA UK

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