Weidman Will Be Disappointed If He Doesn’t Finish Belfort


The “All American” finally got the fight he’s been asking for all along, and vice versa. Shortly after defeating Lyoto Machida in his last title defence UFC 175, middleweight champion Chris Weidman was booked to face Vitor Belfort.

There were a few ups and downs with booking the fight. Namely “The Phenom” requiring clearance by Nevada State Athletic Commission after prior tests revealed that his testosterone levels were too high.

Thankfully these issues were cleared up and Belfort was given the go-ahead and granted a conditional license to compete in the state of Nevada.

Though that’s not quite the end of the story as he will be subjected to plenty of random pre-fight drug testing as part of the terms.

Now that it’s booked, Weidman is looking forward to facing the best version of Vitor ever, but he doesn’t just want the win. He wants the finish. Anything less with be disappointing in the champions eyes.

“I respect him as a fighter. I’m going in there ready for an absolute war and ready for the best Vitor we’ve ever seen. I can’t afford to have any lack of respect when it comes to fighting. That being said, I’m going in there to get a finish. If I don’t get a finish, I’d be real disappointed.” Said Weidman

The two men are now starting to promote their end of year duel in a press tour, but Weidman knows many questions put towards them will be about Vitor’s past drug issues. Will is phase Chris or Vitor? The champ doesn’t think so.

“At this point, he should be pretty used to that type of talk. Nothing should bother him at this point. If it’s something that gets people excited, something to talk about, then he should be okay with it and I should be okay with it.” explained Weidman

Weidman Vs. Belfort is the main event of UFC 181, taking place on December. 6, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Who do you think will take the belt home?

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