Rumble Wants Bader Next

Anthony Johnson maybe powering his way through the Light heavyweight division but the number 5 in the world wants to get his hands on Ryan Bader.

After watching Bader vs OSP, Johnson wasn’t impressed by what he saw:

“It was a boring fight,exciting fighters put on exciting fights,and that’s what fans want to see.”

Dana White suggested that Johnson’s next fight should be against no.1 contender Alex Gustafsson. Johnson said he would love to fight Alex but wants one more fight before that. Johnson.

“Hopefully I’ll be able to fight in late October or something like that if there was any fights open.”

Johnson added “I was hoping I could fight Ryan Bader in late October and fight Gus on the Jon Jones card. That’s my idea.

“People finally want me to start calling people out, you know what I mean? I never did that before. But I’ve always wanted to fight Ryan Bader because I’ve always thought he was a tough fighter.”

Either fight would be a blood bath and someone would get knocked out. Johnson and Bader would just be both in the pocket and swinging for the stars. But Johnson wants to prove his wrestling. He says Bader is a better wrestler then Phil Davis, but that Bader won’t be able to take him down so he will have to stand and bang with him.

Either fight would be a barn stormer but it looks like we will have to wait and see who Anthony Johnson fights next.

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