Duel 4: Paul Venis KO’s his way to Wembley

Duel 4: Paul Venis KO’s his way to Wembley


At Duel 4 tonight at the NE6 quite in Newcastle upon tyne, 4 heavweights fought in a tournament to decide who would get the chance to fight in Wembley on super fight series. The heavyweights did not disappoint as all of them ended in stoppage victories in some absolute wars.

The first fight saw Lukasz Parobiec take on Darren Moffitt. The two wasted no time in engaging with eachother swinging huge punches. Moffitt looked like he landed some nice leg kicks on Parobiec who seems to be getting the better of the exchanges with the hands, landing some nice body shots. The two left nothing in the first round as they both met in the middle of the cage. In the second round in aMoffitt again attacked the welted lead leg of Parobiec as he returned fire with body shots that dropped Moffitt for a count by the referee. Parobiec instantly attacked the body again forcing Moffit to the ground but he made the count and proved he has big heart. But again Parobiec attacked the battered body of Moffitt and after putting him down for a 3rd time the referee waved the contest. An absolute war between two heavyweights that had the crowd going nuts and Parobiec advanced to the final!

The second fight of the tournament was James Cannon vs Paul Venis. Cannon came out and looked to land a nice leg kick and started getting some combinations off. Both men were looking to land heavy shots and Cannon seemed to be getting the better of the exchanges until he got caught with a huge right hand from Venis that floored him instantly. He was unable to make the count and Venis proceeded to the final with a first round knockout.

The final of the tournament didn’t disappoint either. Venis vs Parobiec started as both men left off in their last fights. Lukasz starts off with a front kick and both look to get some good striking off. Then Venis landed a huge punch that rocks Parobiec and he goes down. Parobiec makes the count but is still on wobbly legs as Venis powers forward and lands a huge headkick that puts Parobiec down again. Parobiec proves how tough he is after being hit with huge shots and makes the count again. Venis again goes straight forward and is relentless with his attack as the visibly rocked Parobiec gets hit with another big right hand and falls to the canvas as the referee waves the fight.

It definitely didn’t disappoint and Paul Venis certainly earned his place in Wembley with 2 decisive stoppage victories. Well done, and well done to all competitors.


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