SideKick: A day in the life of an equipment manufacturer

SideKick: A day in the life of an equipment manufacturer

Many people just buy gloves, shinguards, shorts etc and don’t actually know what goes into producing the product or how the companies are ran. Earlier this week I caught up with friend and owner of his own company Daniel Knight in the hope he could shed a little insight, and answer some questions I had. Here’s what he had to say about his company SideKick!

Q. What made you get into manufacturing Kickboxing/MMA equipment?

I have always been passionate about business’s and Kickboxing. so it seemed the perfect choice to have a business involved in the sport. Even tho I have competed, I wanted a bigger challenge and that was to be recognised worldwide.


Q. Did you think the company would grow so quickly when you started it?

I always wanted it to grow fast but Sidekick grew at such a speed, it was non stop. It wasn’t until I stopped and looked back to realise how far it has come.

Q. What were your intentions in terms of how far you would take the company when you first started it?

I am always very optimistic with my goals. I wanted Sidekick to be recognised as a big name in kickboxing but I never thought for one minute it would be involved in and manufacturing MMA, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai equipment.

Q. How much work actually goes into running a company like SideKick?

I could not describe how much hard work goes into it. I think its the same with any business, you need to be prepared to sacrifice things and put the business first otherwise nothing happens. My dad always said a saying “Do nothing, what happens?… Nothing” I find myself working at unsociable times due to different times around the world.


Q.Have you been involved in any martial arts and if so what?

I first went kickboxing at just 12 years old and found myself training nearly everyday in my 20s. I have also trained a bit of Jiujitsu and Muay Thai but I prefer kickboxing as it is faster paced. 

Q. Is there anything you wish to achieve in the future in particular?

I think the pinnacle would be sponsoring the UFC, I think that would give Sidekick a global recognition and always keep on growing!


There you have it folks, it’s not an easy life running a company such as SideKick. They’ve been endorsed by many world champions and are well known to help amateur fighters with sponsoring etc. A company dedicated to providing quality to fighters and coaches.

Thanks to Daniel for his insight into the other side of Martial Arts and good luck in the future!

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