Cerrone Admits PED Claims Were To Troll Dos Anjos


Donald Cerrone’s last loss came back in 2013 again now-champion Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night 27, since then Cerrone has worked his way through eight top contenders, some of which at short notice, cementing himself as the top contender in the division and becoming a fan-favourite for his ‘any time, any place’ attitude.

Now has the biggest fight of his career in a rematch against the last man to best him in Rafael dos Anjos as the main event of UFC on FOX 17 in December. In typical “Cowboy” style, he seems pretty laid back about it.

“All I needed was a date, now I got the date,” he told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s The MMA Hour.

Most fighters would be happy to wait for the title fight to happen, not wanting to risk their chance by fighting another contender in the downtime between fights. Cerrone is not most fighters, admitting he’s been asking UFC officials to give him a fight, any fight, just to be remain active.

“I would literally call them for the last month telling them that,” Cerrone said “I would’ve went to 170. It don’t matter to me. I don’t give a s–t. Makes no difference.”

There’s been a little Twitter-beef between the two when Cerrone hinted dos Anjos was on some form of performance-enhancing drug and couldn’t sign to fight until the drugs were out of his system. Something dos Anjos was unhappy about and responded promising to deal with Cerrone in the cage. However it seems Cerrone was just saying accusations for the fun of it, or as some would call it, “trolling”.

“I was just getting a rise out of him. That’s all,” he contended. “I don’t know. Maybe he’s working hard and doing what he has to do. I was just pissing him off…just screwing around.”

Thought Cerrone also admitting the trolling was also done in retaliation for what Cerrone sees as disrespectful behavior when the two had interacted at a recent UFC show, which seems pleasant enough until the champion later insulted him in the media.

“Yeah, and I was cordial with him. Everything was fine, but then he made comments like he’s going to beat my ass worse than anyone’s beaten anyone’s ass ever,” Cerrone recalled. “Oh ok, now when I walk away you’re going to start poking fun at me? Let’s go.

“So, then I went and called him Frankenstein and I told him he does steroids,” he noted, laughing. “It made me more upset that he was laughing and joking and cordial with me on the one hand,” Cerrone admitted. “I was just like, ‘Come on, man’.”

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