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mop v bung

On Top Promotions Valour main event

Craig McIntosh vs Chris Bungard
Round 1
Tentative start from both fighters, light kicks and strikes from to start off. Bungard gets the early takedown but gets caught in a triangle, Mop seems to have it in tight but Bungard fights and eventually breaks free, Bungard passes guard and lands vicious blows to end the round
Round 2
Bungard lands an aggressive jumping front kicks to start the round, it lands hard but Mop recovers, both fighters keep it standing for the majority of the round with Bungard landing a couple of strong front kicks sending Mop off balance against the cage.
Round 3
Bungard uses more from kicks at the. Whining if the round and tries to open up, Mop grabs Bungard and drags him to the mat and try to mount an offence from top but Bungard reverses and ends up in full guard. Bungard continues to work from the top, landing some good strikes till the bell.
Chris Bungard Wins via unanimous decision

fight commentry via Fight Talk Scotland

Full results below

Chris Bungard defeats Craig McIntosh  via unanimous decision

Luke Westwood dwfeats Alexander Campbell  via unanimous decision

Danny Naismith defeats Euan Gemmill  via unanimous decision

David Slattery defeats Dan Morgan via TKO

Liam Skinner defeats Kev Manning  via TKO

Nathan Hughes defeats Dane Dickson via TKO

Justin Burlinson defeats Roddy Campbell via submission (Guillotine)

Connor Imison defeats Sam Green via submission (rear naked choke)

Stuart Carroll defeats Philip Chan via TKO

Alex Box defeats Pawel Wlodarczak via submission (Peruvian necktie)

Kaylen Johnson defeats Brian Borland via TKO Rd 2

Kier Harvie defeats Ollie Southern by unanimous decision

Gavin White defeats Ashley Cooper via unanimous decision

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