Cage Warriors returns to Wales

Cage Warriors returns to Wales

Cage Warriors is returning to Wales, UK. Cage warriors Academy will appear at the Newport Centre on March 4th 2017. Featuring a stacked card with plenty of Welsh talent including, Jack Shore, Josh Reed, Damo Weeden & Aaron Khalid aswell as more fighters from Tillery Combat, led by Richard Shore it is the home of current UFC Middleweight Jack Marshman.

Here is the card as it stands! Including 8 professional bouts and 14 amateur bouts.

Damo Weeden (Phoenix MMA) v Josh Reed (Tillery Combat) 61kg
Phil Wells (SVT) v Aaron Khalid (MAT Academy) 170lbs
Kev Cox (NAILS) v Joe Orrey (Tillery Combat) 61kg
Terry Doyle (Force MMA) v Rikki Fortuna (NMMA) 65kg
Dan Good (Team Mahico) v Richard Williams (NAILS) 70kg
Josh Ellis (MAT Academy) v Simon Maksimovic (Tilery Combat) 70kg
Ethan Charlesworth (Rising Spirit) v Nathan Ford (NMMA) 65kg
Jack Shore (Tillery Combat) v TBA

Amateur MMA
Craig Rawlins (SVT) v Jack Tucker (Tillery Combat) 170lbs
Pedro Cardosa (Daves Gym) v Tom Karpinski (Tillery Combat (65kg)
Richard Hewitt (Daves Gym) v Kelvin Robinson (Tillery Combat) 84kg
Michael Corston (Impact) v Kyle Stone (Tillery Combat) 73kg
Marcus Stevens (Lions Den) v Barry Francis (DOW) 70kg
Paul Dryburgh (Fightworx) v Jamie Boyle (Tillery Combat) 93kg
Christian Duncan (Gloucester Range) v James McClean (Fightworx) 84kg
Adam Mayo (Daves Gym) v Keiron Bennet (Dogs of war) 77kg
James Price (Lions Den) v Jordan Peake (Blaenavon MMA) 70kg
Liam Patterson (DOW) v Ben Philips (Blaenavon MMA) 77kg
Dylan Evans (Force MMA) v Franco Tenaglia (Daves Gym) 70kg
Josh Hudson (DOW) v Elliot Chillcott (Daves Gym) 77kg
Nat Pohl (Lionsden) v Alun Yhnell (NMMA) 70kg
Chris Mardon (True Fighters) v Joel Collins (Tillery Combat) 57kg

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