Budo to start a ‘walk in weigh in’

Budo to start a ‘walk in weigh in’

Budo Fighting Championship have been at the forefront recently in fighter safety.

Over the past 18 months Budo have implemented or offered a number of initiatives to fighters to try and reduce the risk to the fighters health.

In a move to combat extreme weight cutting Budo have introduced 7 new weight classes. They do mandatory blood tests for professional fighters and have the offer of a 12 month 3 fight contract to professionals that would see Budo FC pay for brain scans and blood tests.

Budo have now announced there next step in making MMA safe, a ‘walk in weigh in’.

MMAUK asked Budo CEO Chris Clarke what this means for the fighters.

Chris said, “with regards to the walk in weigh in, it’s simple. The fighters will agree to compete at a weight and weigh in 1 hour before the show. Fighters will be weighed in on arrival to ensure they’re a healthy weight and not cutting on the day and/or so close to competing. If they are deemed to be of risk, the medical team will remove their right to compete. As the promoter, I will co-sign that removal.”

I asked Chris how popular the 12 month 3 fight deal has been with fighters.

It was a surprisingly low take up.

Chris Clarke added, “The 3 fight, 12 month Professional deal came in at the start of 2017 and to date, only two fighters have come forward stating they’d like to sign the agreement and have their health come first. The price of this has been sourced at an extremely reasonable price and would not result in an increase in ticket price for the customer.”

“Hopefully more people will come on board with it.”

What is your opinion on what Budo are trying to do?

Should promotions do more to combat extreme weight cutting?

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