Alex Davidson speaks to MMAUK ahead of Headhunters fight

Alex Davidson speaks to MMAUK ahead of Headhunters fight

Alex Davidson is taking on Aidan Stephen at Headhunters Fighting Championship on June 3rd.

It’s set to be another great night of MMA action for the local Scottish circuit.

We ask him about his career, upcoming fight and what the future holds.

MMAUK: You are due to meet Aidan Stephen at Headhunters Fighting Championships on 3rd June.

What do you know of your opponent?

How do you see the fight playing out?

AD: I know Aidan is a good all round fighter but his grappling is better than his striking and he tends to want to take the fight to the matt.

I can see him trying to take me down because he ain’t going to want to strike with me. I think after I stuff his take down attempts he will get frustrated & break same as he did against Cal (Call Ellenor) at On Top.


MMAUK: If you win this fight, is there anyone specific you would like to fight?

AD: I would really like to fight Luke Ord again, just because of how the fight panned out. That’s the only fight I’ve fought and didn’t feel comfortable in there, I felt rushed as I only got to the venue 15/20 mins before I was due to fight.

I was in the pictures prior to the fight and wasn’t aware a couple fights got cancelled that night so I was on earlier than expected. My phone was on silent and Dale had been trying to get a hold of me to see where I was and to let me know. I just happened to check my phone and saw his messages. I was like shit and made the rush to the venue. Take nothing away from Luke he caught me and that’s that, he is tough.


MMAUK: What do you hope to achieve within MMA?

AD: To be honest I’m just winging it!! I just do it because I like the fighting part!! Haha. I just take each fight as it comes and see where it takes me.


MMAUK: You train at Higher Level, there are a lot of quality fighters coming out of there just now.

How long have you trained there?

Do you do any coaching? Is this an area you would be interested in after fighting?

AD: Our gym is full of killers, even with the amateurs they give you hard rounds, everyone gives you different problems. It’s not as if James (Doolan) produces one dimensional fighters where his fighters are mainly good in one area, That’s why it’s great there. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the young guys and girls achieve in the future, sky’s the limit for them.

God, now your asking!! Years lol. I cover some classes when coach is away with one of the other fighters. Yeah I think so, show these young ones how to Jackie Chans someone’s ass lol.


MMAUK: Your only defeat came against Luke Ord, your team mate Calum Murrie is fighting him in a couple of weeks. How do you feel Murrie will fare against him?

AD: I think Calum will definitely beat him, he will stop him. I think he will submit him.


MMAUK: Finally, can you tell us what got you involved in MMA?

AD: I remember I started of in karate and just progressed to kickboxing, K1 and then into mma. My old standup coach Gordon was James coach as well and I started training with James when I wasn’t training with Gordon and I loved it. I then decided that’s what I wanted to do, so I started training with James.












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